motherboard id

what would be my motherboard name and where can i get a manual
yang an ya-1
e114139  UL486sx   94v-0
9226    REV 1.0
amibios 1992
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joopvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
send jumper information from mainboard directly.  I hope it is of any use !

sintuitAuthor Commented:
thank you very much
I'm not sure about the name, but the Serial # points to an Asus TX97 Motherboard. This obviously isn't what you have, you have a 486 board. So if you want a manual, check out . I'm pretty confident you have an Asus motherboard.
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sintuitAuthor Commented:
well, it is a 486 motherboard but have done that, did that
with asus without success.  i need to know for sure
what spec manual etc to download and the jumper settings
of course.,
thanx anyways
I looked it up in a database.  There are 15 Asus 486sx' with AMI bios.

Could you give me some more information such as:
# and type of slots (eg.  7 16bit-ISA and 2 VLB)
What chipset (eg. OPTI, AMI, etc...)

This would narrow it down.
Check out the BIOS serial number.  When you boot it should be down at the bottom.  Then go to AMI's bios page and locate the vendor who the bios is written for.  Then you can find the motherboard by looking at thier page.  I know this works for award bios but is should be the same for ami.
sintuitAuthor Commented:
since i have no jumper settings, this board will not
boot or give any beeps at all....

it has 7 16bit isa slots and one short

also, there is a smallish slot (burndy) to the right.
also, 8 memory bank slots
two chip slots (80486dx,sx,dx2) plus 80487 p23t..
I think it is a Genoa Systems mainboard.  type UL486.  UMC chipset.  1 short 8-bit slot in the middle ?  as seen from the memory banks : 3 16bits slots, 1 8 bit slot, 4 16 bit slots.  There is also a 32bit memory expansion slot (the 2nd from the memory banks)

If this description is right, send me an email and i will send you the jumper information.
go to
and download ctbios. this gives you the following info:
                   Computer ID
                   BIOS Date
                   Award BIOS found
                   Award ID-String

sintuitAuthor Commented:
i cannot use ctbios since the motherboard has no
jumpers set, thus am not able to boot.

however, joopv and jaron_schenberger offered some commentsets
which i will check out immediately and inform the results
thanks for all your help so far
sintuitAuthor Commented:
BINGO!  thanks very much again joopv!
appreciate all the other help too.
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