Apache-ssl will not start

I need with apache web server I downloaded apache-ssl rpm for RedHAt 5.1 with 2.0.35-7 kernel and if I check status of webserver it return that it is dead I can install apache 1.3  (rpm) and it will work just fine. Can someone point me to the source of my problem?
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harrysConnect With a Mentor Commented:
port 80 is the normal server port 443 is the default port for ssl, this works with apache 1.3.2.

---cut here---
Port 80
Listen 80
Listen 443

SSLCacheServerPath src/modules/ssl/gcache
SSLCacheServerPort logs/gcache_socket
SSLCACertificatePath /app/apache/conf
SSLCertificateKeyFile /app/apache/conf/key.pem
SSLCertificateFile /app/apache/conf/cert.pem
SSLSessionCacheTimeout 120
SSLVerifyClient 0

<VirtualHost www.server.com:80>
---cut here---

the rest is as usual
Did you install a certificate and a keyfile? What does the error_log say?
JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
NO I did not installed it yet, I was thinking that this maybe the problem after I went to apache website. Let see if this will work
You could place an SSLDisable directive into your httpd.conf an SSL apache without a certificate should start normaly then.
JBURGHARDTAuthor Commented:
Can somone post answer with sample of httpd.conf with keys installed and working as two servers  one normal and second secured with ssl
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