Change a Button on main window from propertysheet.

I´ve mad an app with a popertysheet on the main Dialog. Now when I change some variables in my propertysheet I would like to be able to enable/disable the Apply button on the main dialog. Is that possible??
I would like an easy answer please, since I´m new at MFC.
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plarocheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried a second GetParent() on the propery sheet.

From your dialog:

CWnd* pSheet = GetParent();
CWnd* pDialog = pSheet->GetParent();


If this works you should add some checks for NULL pointers.
of cource you can !!!

 you can call CPropertyPage::SetModified(BOOL) to set the state of the apply button.

an other way.
step by step:
1 define the message map in the sheet , so that you will be notify when something change .for example ,you define the combox select change message map so that you will be notified when the select is changed.
you need to generate a new class from CPropertySheet with the dialog resource also.

2 when be notified you need to get main Dialog HWND and the button HWND of Apply.(HWND can be the CWnd* in MFC)
 GetParent(...) can return the main dialog CWnd*,
 use the main dialog CWnd* you can call GetDlgItem(ID_OF_APPLY) to get the apply button CWnd*.
 ID_OF_APPLY is the ID of the apply button . the value is a constance ,you can find it in VC Online help ,of use the Spy to find it out.

3 according to your need you can enable/disable the apply botton.

by this method you can control not only the apply button but any window's state .
joakimfAuthor Commented:
This looks like it will work. I´m not to good at this things, but I´ve tried this code:
      CWnd* cWnd;
      cWnd = GetParent ();

And it doesn´t work. The program crashes. Maybe you can tell me what I´ve done wrong.

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joakimfAuthor Commented:
I´ve tried some more and when I call GetParent I get a handle to a CPropertySheet, I need a handle to the main Dialog where the propertysheets are placed. I don´t have the the APPLY button that are in the CPropertyPage class, I´ve placed one on the main Dialog, called IDC_APPLY_BUTTON . I would like to be able to call EnableWindow(BOOL) from all the sheets. I´ve placed the controls on the sheets so that when they are changed in those functions On..Check , On...Button and so on I want to call EnableWindow. When I try that I´ve written above I get NULL, when calling EnableWindow.
Try this:

      if (bChanged)
            pSheetWnd->SendMessage(PSM_CHANGED, (WPARAM)m_hWnd);
            pSheetWnd->SendMessage(PSM_UNCHANGED, (WPARAM)m_hWnd);


pSheetWnd is a pointer to the property sheet.
m_hWnd is a handle to the page that changed, or NULL might work.
bChanged is the button's state.
joakimfAuthor Commented:
This question can´t be that difficult to answer. I have a Dialog window, (the main dialog) thats created after using AppWizard. Let´s call the Class CMyDlg. I´ve added PropertySheets in OnInitDialog with the following code:

PropertySheet.Create(this, WS_CHILD |WS_VISIBLE,0);
PropertySheet.ModifyStyleEx ( 0,WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT );
PropertySheet.ModifyStyle ( 0,WS_TABSTOP );

All the Dlg:s except the CMyDlg are derived from CPropertyPage.

I´ve put a Button on the CMyDlg and called it Apply. IDC_APPLY_BUTTON. When I change something in a CheckBox on the StartMenuDlg I want to be able to Change the Apply button placed on the CMyDlg. How can I do that??
It´s got to be possible to do this in an easy way.
Increasing points....
The answer is not correct (but almost)

the button is the sheet's member, thats why you should:
from within the sheet object


(and check for NULLs)
joakimfAuthor Commented:
Thank you Plaroche, you helped me out bigtime.....
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