Wait While Custom Build Tool Runs

I run a custom build tool to date/version stamp my resources.  On most machines  (Win95 MSVC4.2) the build process waits for the tool to close before proceeding. On one, it does not wait.  On my machine, it waits in 4.2, but in recently installed DevStudio 5.0 it does not. The behavior is not specific to my tool.  Notepad behaves the same way.
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shaigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it possible that you have not saved changes to the resource file and that is why changes are ignored? (the date is not new enough to trigger recompilation)

Are you sure you didn't mix the custum build with the pre-link page?
Anyway, why not use the pre-link option?
Or, don't you want to version your files only if the build was succesful?  if yes, use the post biuld option!
NullTerminatorAuthor Commented:
Your answer was three questions. No I am not mixing the Custom Tab with the pre link page.  MSVC 4 didn't have a prelink page.  I am not stamping the executable, I am writing the VS_VERSION_INFO block of the resources.  I have access to all of the versioning info, and I don't have to worry about space allocation in the executable.  Fail or succeed, the stamp is the same.
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Let me be more specific:
Since you mentioned that you HAVE passed to VC5.0 wich has the tab i mentioned ( and maybe because you aren't familur with VC5.0 because you've just recently switched from 4.2 ), i only suggested you check.

Any way, if it is important that you do your stuff after the bulid, the i suggest you use the post-build option of the VC5.0.

Mybe my English isn't clear enough, since i'm not an American.
NullTerminatorAuthor Commented:
I don't think my question was clear. In 4.x the build process stopped while my tool collected version information from the user.  This is the desired behavior. It worked on all but one machine.

We are testing development on 5.0.  5.0 does not wait on any of the tested machines.  This is not desired.  I AM NOT stamping the executable.  I am stamping the resource VS_VERION_INFO block.

An alternate solution for 5.x would be to run my tool as a pre link operation on the resources, and then add something to force the resource compiler to recompile prior to linking. If you can tell me how to trigger the resource compile so the linker sees the change I'll accept an answer.
NullTerminatorAuthor Commented:
No it is not possible.  The problem is the build process does not wait for my tool to finish before proceeding.  The dependency check process does not see the updated date on the file after my tool closes.
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