Allowing FTP access to my web site

This is so basic, I feel a bit foolish asking.

I want people to be able to FTP files to and from a directory in my web site. Actually, I want them to be able to FTP "upload" to an UPLOAD directory, without seeing what other files are in that directory, and to be unable to download any files in that directory.

At the same time, I want to set up a separate UPLOAD directory so that people can pick up the file I have left for them.  Again, I don't want them to see any of the other
files in that directory.

I suppose when the person arrives on my UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD page they should first see a page which welcomes them and tells them what to do, to enter the name of the file they are uploading/downloading and then push the button and the file transfer takes place.

So how can I do this?   Maybe it's some HTML coding and directory setup.  Or maybe there's some kind of shareware/shell program out there.


Rowby Goren
Rowby GorenAsked:
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chrisboltConnect With a Mentor Commented:
heyhey's solution will only work if you are online whenever visitors will be visiting your website since you would have to install the FTP server on your own computer and use your computer's connection to the internet to serve the files. Although you could serve it from a dialup connection, you would have to be connected to the net for the FTP server to be online, and the FTP server would probably be slow. It is better if you have a cable modem but you would have to leave your computer on all of the time. Also, many ISPs have rules against running servers like this. If you do want to run an FTP server though, you can get one for free from

If you don't want to do this, you should ask your system administrator if you are allowed to have an anonymous FTP server. If you pay for your hosting, this is usually possible but if you are using a free web host or your ISP's bundled web hosting package it is probable that you won't be able to do this.
if you need real FTP access you'll need an FTP server. there some very good FREEWARE programs. usually when some user connects to your FTP server he must login providing userName and password. FTP server checks user identity and then restricts actions

Maybe you can configure many users with name and password - the file that they should be able to Download and configure these users to has access only to this single file. and you can configure an Uploader account - uploader will be able just to upload files - neighter download, nor see any.

i think you can get the idea - your FTP server has with, and when this user log-ins the only possible action he can perform is downloading

The only problem is to find FTP server that can be easily administered ... but i think that there are many Great shareware or even freeware programs on the web - just search

hope this information helps you
Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.  Would I be able to use any of the shareware-type solutions in a directory in my service provider's server?  I mean, my web site is on a remote server.  Would I be uploading the ftp program to the server itself???

I hope this comment is clear.  If not, please ask me some more questions!

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yes you need a program (FTP server) to be running on the server machine ... The problem is if your web-space provider does not allow you to run programs on his server (probably this is the case if you are using some free stuff...) But your main problem is that you need to PRECISELY administer who can have access to your files, and what exactly he can upload / download ...
I don't think that you can use some free services (nobody will care for such a precise administering just for free) - maybe you'll need to have your own computer connected to Internet and FTP server working on it, so you'll be able to administer everything yourself...
if i understand you, you don't need 'anonymous FTP server' but a 'full strength' one ...

Maybe there is a more simple solution. you can send your client the HTTP url of the file they may download - and if you don't give them access to directories (and use filenames like thay should be to download able only this file. But if youu need to allow them to UPLOAD, I think that you'll a (maybe a small) server program / script ... You'd better contact your provider (a small Perl script can handle the Upload requests from client)

>> I mean, my web site is on a remote server.
the problem isn't that your server is remote. the problem what are you allowed to use on this server. Ask for CGI scripts at least ...

hope this helps

Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:

I think your idea of just ending them the name of the file I want them to retrieve from my directory is the solution to the first part.  

Your comment::

"But if youu need to allow them to UPLOAD, I think that you'll a (maybe a small) server program / script ... You'd better contact your provider (a small Perl script can handle the Upload requests from client)"

And I do have acceess to my CGI bin.  So you're suggesting a CGI perl script would allow someone to SEND a file to a directory on my server?  That sounds ok.  Do you know how to write that perl script????  
>> Do you know how to write that perl script????  
Sorry, no ... but there is such a discussion at the moment (with a solution i think)

look at
"Sending a file over the web"

Or you can get Genesis from which allows you to have a full file management interface including uploading or you can use a script from
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