Problem in stack(data structure in C)

Posted on 1998-11-19
Last Modified: 2010-04-15
How to write a program using stack (in C language)which functions almost like a calculator. the program will receive inputs like for example : 12 * (15 - 6) + 388  
The program will calculate +, -, *, /, (), operations.  
The priority operations are :

   1st. ( )
   2nd. *, /
   3rd. +, -

The program will print the operation for example like The question above :

15 - 6
12 * 9
108 + 388
= 496
Question by:tagheuer

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ID: 1254469
refer badrul's query.

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ID: 1254470
I would solve this problem with a recursive function

pseudo code :

double solve (equation)
   while ()
      isolate equation between ()   -> start with first ( and  
                                       stop if you have as many (
                                       as )
      solve (equation between () )  -> same function
      substitute result in equation

   while *, /
      isolate equation with * or /
      solve (equation with * or /)
      substitute result in equation

   now you have an equation with only + and - => add (equation)
   return result

hope this helps ...


Author Comment

ID: 1254471
I want more details about the codes.
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Do your own homework.

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ID: 1254473
>> I want more details about the codes

Can you be a little bit more specific? What part do you not understand?

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ID: 1254474
>> Do your own homework.

Quite, but what you need is a Reverse Polish Expression Evaluator. Take virtually any text book and look up Reverse Polish. You usually find the algorithm there. I'm NOT going to hack one in.

   Furthermore you should now give the points away to the first person (Rat excepted) who can tell you the actual NAME of the person after whom the algorithm is called. His name is rarely used since it's almost unpronounceable.
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Accepted Solution

rbr earned 30 total points
ID: 1254475
What further problems do you have?
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ID: 1254476
Jan Lukasiewicz
But rather than bother converting to his notation, I'd probably do it with either a recursive descent, or an inside-out evaluator

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