I can't run my program using uses crt command

I can't run my pascal program in turbo pascal version 7.0 if I used the command uses crt.Yes,I can run the program but I can't used command like clrscr,textcolor or gotoxy.
They say may be because I'm using windows 98 ,That's why.
But  isn't it supposed to be able to use such a command in window 98. I've check in my units directory and there is crt.tpu there.I used pentium II 333 mhz and a philips monitor
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endroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Turbo Pascal cannot run properly under Pentium II systems.
To troubleshoot this problem you should download upgrade patch for Turbo Pascal.
You can obtain it here:

Hope this helps you.
what is the error that eppares ,

and make sure that the unit it self is not effected.

did you try a version/patch of CRT.TPU or a new CRT.PAS for Pentium II - Systems ?
You could upgrade your CRT unit to suit your computer making both compatible.
der_23Author Commented:
Thanks Endro. I solved the problem
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