DHCP client fail to lease an ip address from server

Posted on 1998-11-19
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
I get the message "the semaphore timeout period has expired" in the event log, with NT4.0 and SP4.
Question by:sunnyliu
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ID: 1566028
Make sure you have connectivity to the DHCP server first. Assign a static IP to the workstation and see if you can ping the DHCP server. If it pings, are you on a different subnet? you may need to have the Server on your subnet (if you have one) forward DHCP requests to the DHCP server for you, or have the router perform IP helper functions.

If the server doesn't ping, Make sure the router is doing the job, and that you have the IP info set up correctly for the router.

Let us know how it goes.

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ID: 1566029
Here is some info that may help:
SS ID Number: Q189356
Article last modified on 07-21-1998

The information in this article applies to:
 - Microsoft BackOffice Server version 4.0
 - Microsoft Windows NT Server version 4.0
 - Microsoft Windows NT Workstation version 4.0
 - Microsoft Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition version 4.0
You may experience one or more of the following:
 - Performance problems on domain controllers in the form of lock ups,
   crashes, or console freezes.
 - Clients may receive the following error messages:
    - Semaphore timeout period has expired
    - Network path cannot be found.
    - Insufficient system resources.
Novell's intraNetWare client for Windows NT Workstation v4.11a and previous
versions can cause SAMR pipes to be left open on domain controllers
throughout the enterprise. This can result in performance problems with
these domain controllers if the number of SAMR pipes open approaches 2048.
Nwgina.dll performs remote API operations including NetUserGetInfo to get
security information from the SAM database located on a domain controller.
Because of performance design reasons, Windows NT does not directly close
an active context associated with an open SAMR file handle used to perform
a remote API operation. Once remote API calls have been performed, the
client must perform local API calls (for example, NetUserModalsGet...)
which indirectly close the handle.
Nwgina.dll has been modified so that the handle references are closed
successfully. Please refer to Novell TID #2939557, "Clients can't connect
to NT server," for more information.
After the limit of 2048 SAMR pipe references is approached, the LSASS
process may fail, requiring the system to be restarted to reinitialize the
LSASS service. However, the problem can be alleviated by monitoring the
system. Perform the following command before LSASS has failed to stop the
server service and close the file handles in question:
   Net Stop Server
   Net Start Server
   Net Start Netlogon
   Net Start Computer Browser
NOTE: This command will also stop the dependency services including
Netlogon and the Computer Browser, which must be restarted again as well.
Novell's intraNetWare client opens 4 SAMR pipes to the domain controller
that it authenticates with. This is done because NWGINA is used to perform
Microsoft Networking authentication operations. During the logon process,
the client closes 3 of the 4 pipes. This leaves one pipe open and idle.
Large domains with limited numbers of domain controllers can suffer
performance problems when large numbers of these pipes are left open.
Microsoft Windows NT has a limit of 2048 SAMR pipe references that can be
open at one time in the LSASS process.
Protocol Analysis using a tool such as NETMON will reveal the following
command performed to open the SAMR handle. Ordinarily, a subsequent SMB
close operation will be performed to close the file handle. A lack of the
close exhibits evidence of an application handle leak.
   SMB C NT create & X, file = \samr
The following commands will allow the SAMR pipe references to be monitored
on a domain controller. Server Manager can be used to list the references
as well by selecting Computer, Properties, and then In Use. While logged on
as an administrator, type the following to obtain a listing:
   Net Files > Files.txt
   Findstr samr Files.txt > Samr.txt
An editor such as Notepad can be used to list and enumerate Samr.txt. This
will show SAMR handle references similar to the following:
   9999       \PIPE\samr              UserName            0
For additional information, please see the following articles in the
Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q155601
   TITLE     : Understanding SAM Active Contexts in Windows NT [win32sdk]
   ARTICLE-ID: Q145583
   TITLE     : Err Msg: Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete...
Refer to the following Novell KB article for further information:
TID #2939557:
"Clients can't connect to NT server"
Additional query words: Novell NetWare
Version           : WinNT:4.0
Platform          : winnt
Issue type        : kbprb
Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1998.



Expert Comment

ID: 1566030
One of the better experts is having problems with DHCP on an SP 4 Server. Try uninstalling SP4 and installing SP3. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it's worth a try.

Accepted Solution

mpopal earned 100 total points
ID: 1566031
Their is an easy fix to your problem. Stop and restart the "Microsoft DHCP service" This is a common error with DHCP.

1. Stop the "Microsoft DHCP Server Service"
2. Start the "Microsoft DHCP Server Service"
3. Reboot the DHCP client.

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