Visual Interdev links?

Does anyone have some links to any great Visual Interdev websites?


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rajgnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First link to Interdev is Microsoft's home for Interdev(you might be knowing already) at:
It has got a lot of stuff and links to go through.

There are some links on Interdev at:

Moreover, if you want to go through some of the Books on Intedev freely, go to and register yourself. You can read so many books(including books on Interdev) online!
Try this site .
It's a McMillan book on Visual Interdev 6.0.  The book is not published yet but many of the chapters that are finalized can be found here.  New chapters are updated weekly.
Also try this address, it's a Microsoft site.  I didn't find it until now.  Looks quite helpful.  It's a site dedicated to Visual Interdev.

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