CC:Mail and Outlook

I'm using ccmail 2.0 can i get that and out look to work together and how
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david_levineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How about some more details. Are you looking to get Outlook98 be your front-end to your cc:Mail Post Office? You just need to install the cc:Mail Add-in. It's supported by Microsoft. The back-end Post Office needs to be DB6, though you can look at the following article to get DB8 support:

Let me know.

adcart2Author Commented:
Most excellent David
     Though your answer was correct I had to do a little easter egging to find exactly where to go. Clarity will doc points in the future. Thank you. Be ready for I have many more questions to ask. Take care
adcart2Author Commented:
Thanks man = )
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