VB5: Simple question About Options

Once you have chosen a background image for a form, is there any easy way to get rid of it??  I can always select a new image but I don't see any way to just completely get rid of it all together.
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BergJCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

Form1.Picture = Nothing
ChrisKAuthor Commented:
That works to HIDE it.  But the image is STILL there.  I want to remove it completely from the development form not just during runtime.
Oh, you're talking about in the development environment. Ok, to get rid of the picture, just press F4 (to pull up the properties) and when you have the cursor on the PICTURE property, just press delete. It should replace whatever picture you have with "<none>".
ChrisKAuthor Commented:
Ok, got it.  Kinda dumb that you have to highlight and erase the name to get it to do that.  They could have just made a button/option for clearing it :)  Oh well.

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