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Where Oh Where did my CD-ROM go?

ceci asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
My CD-ROM drive has mysteriously disappeared from the windows desktop.  I am getting an error message of exchange32.exe not found.  How can I get my CD-ROM back onto the desktop so I can use it?
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Need more information! These sound like two separate issues, IMHO.  

About your CD-Rom, go into the Device Manager to check for bang marks.  Right click on My Computer and choose Properties from the pop up box.  This will pull up the System Properties.  There are four tabs in the System Properties, click on Device Manager.  There should not be any devices listed with yellow exclamation points ("bang" marks) or red x's.  There should be a device category for CD-Rom drives.  Also in System Properties, click on the Performance tab and see if any of your drives are using MS-DOS compatibility mode, which can cause CD-Rom drives to disappear.

As for the missing exchange32.exe, press Start-Find and search for the file.  If it's not installed on your hard drive, go into the Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs and add Windows Messaging to your installed windows components.

If all you need is a shortcut, open the Windows Explorer and find the CD-ROM in the left frame. Right click on the CD-ROM, and hold it as you drag the dimmed icon outside the Explorer window and drop it on the desktop. Select CREATE SHORTCUT HERE.
also check for viruses
also check for viruses
also check for viruses

Please post your autoexec.bat & config.sys files here.(if any)
There may be something loading there at boot-up that causes problems with the CD-ROM.
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Windows 95 OSR2 is NOT available on the Microsoft Web site!  It was (and is) sold to OEM's only!  

And if this is a Plug and Play CD-Rom, running the Add New Hardware Wizard will NOT solve the problem, because the CD would automatically be there.  

One question:  What started the problem?  Did anything change about the computer?  Also, what kind of system is this, specs/model number?

Well Jim, I have to respectfully disagree with you on a cou;e of points but I gues that's what this is all about!  OSR2 is found on the Microsofts web site available for free download.  here are the directions:
1.  go to www.microsoft.com
2.  Select Free Downloads
3.  Find and click on  Windows 95 downloads
4.  Scroll down to Windows 95 OSR2 and click on that text
5.  Proceed with download it's that simple and I was just there to make sure of it.

And on the next issue, if this is a plug and play issue and it is removed by removinge the EIDE or SCSI bus from the CD-ROM then the computer is rebooted how can it detect hardware that is not there?  That's the whole purpose for doing this.  You force the computer to start with the hardware out of the system then turn it off and reinstall the bus to the CD-ROM and reboot. When the PC starts checking all of the attached hardware it relys on what was logged to it upon its' last powerdown or reboot to compare to.  When the computer is turned back on it will not be expecting to see the CD and thus will announce that windows 95 has found new hardware and ask if they want it installed.  Back on the OSR2 subject..I was just at Microsofts website not 5 minutes ago and saw the download with my own two eyes available for the general public.  If you doubt me ..go look.  ceci I have had very similar problems with my Hp Vectra series doing the same thing until I installed OSR2 and did the forced remove and forced find and install.  Since then no more problems.

Regards,  Rodger

OSR2 is not an upgrade.  Some of the components released with the version are available for downloading, but that's all.
You may find this FAQ about OSR2 informative:
I don't think OSR2 is the issue here anyway.
Ceci, we need some feedback from you now.
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