ps2 intellimouse in xwin

i want to be able to use my ps2 M$ intellimouse with my slackware xwindows. it works fine in the shell with the gpm command
gpm -B 321 -t imps2 -R
but not when i try to use it in xwin. i've been told the gpm interferes with the xwin drivers.  My main priority is to have the mouse buttons reversed because i use it left handed.  i'm not overly concerned about the 3 buttons and scrolling although they would be nice too.
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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check in /etc/XFree86Config  the  Pointer section.
Sorry have actually no file handy, so must please you to read man-pages about it.

Ther are keywords for mouse type, button usage, etc. You'll find, I'm shure ;-)
try this. kill gpm like this befor starting x windows: gpm -k

goodumAuthor Commented:
I'm not running the gpm in the shell when I'm starting xwindows.  My bit about the gpm working in the shell was only saying what I want it to work like in xwindows.
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are you using slackware  3.5? If not the problem may be that your version does not support it. Try upgrading for 1.65 at linux mall and 2.00 at cheapbytes.

goodumAuthor Commented:
Rejected because I have no idea what you were talking about with the upgrades.
> 1.65 at linux mall and 2.00 at cheapbytes.
Anyway, I'm using Slackware 3.6 and by all accounts in the docs it is supported.
Do use XFree86 ?
goodumAuthor Commented:
Yes, I use the Xfree86 that comes with slack3.6.  No modifcations on it at all.
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