Reinstalling Win95 refuses Certification number

I am forced to reinstall Windows95 due to GPF in the modem support.
I will first try to reinstall with the old Win95 still on the hard disk to hope that I get all my installed applications back automaticly.
When I start setup it asks me for my certification number (it's a OEM number).  I have the original certificate but setup keeps telling me the number is not valid.
What should I do to convince setup the number is valid ?
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ORCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using other OEM number, or another CD

try this:20795-OEM-0002723-75302
Can you still boot into the system?  If you can get the number from  settings-->control panel-> system  -> general.

I should have explained. It may be for some reason the number you are using is different to the OEM number it thinks you need.
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No, you have to use the orignal OEM number if you are performing a re-install. Try this tip I got from another page at EE.

1) Make a new directory on your hard drive. (i.e.  C:\Win95)

2) Copy the \Win95 directory from your Win95 CD to the new directory on the hard drive.

3) Use extract.exe to extract the file SETUPPP.INF from PRECOPY2.CAB

4) Open LAYOUT.INF in a text editor. (Notepad will do this)
      Search for the string "SETUPPP.INF".
      You should find: setuppp.inf=2,,4550

Change the 2 to a 0 to read:


              Save the changes.

5) Open SETUPPP.INF in a text editor. Search for "ProductType".

              Change it to read:  ProductType=1

              Save the changes.

 6) Now run setup to re-install without a CD Key number.

Sounds good arunm!  (Now, where have I seen that before?)  :))

Are you running setup from a Dos prompt?
If so, try it from Windows Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs instead.
If you can't start Windows normally to run setup that way, try it from safe mode.
Let me know what happens.

PatWeynAuthor Commented:
My system was indeed originally setup with another certification number than the one on my license paper.
Thanks to arunm I can try to reinstall with the original number... but the points go to ORC.

Thanks guys.
Did the answer from ORC solve the problem?
Was the re-install successful with the INF tricks?
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