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Mem Allocation Error

chess asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-19
When booting (cold & warm) I get this error msg after the Win98 start up screen goes away. "Memory allocation error Cannot start command, exiting" everything loads after that. One thing I have noticed tho is a window will crashfor no reason, also while playing RRTycoon2 the game suddenly closed without warning and I was back to my desktop. This started after i removed my old hardware from a p75 and put it a new p166 and new MB
What does the error mean and how can i fix??
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The problem seem to be a deffective memory bank. Try to get another bank (perhaps from a friend's machine) and see if problem still persists.

┬┐Are ALL memory banks the same kind (EDO, SDRAM, etc.)?; if not, that could be another reason.


As in defective bank, do you mean defective Simms??

I have two sticks of 16MB EDO

When changing hardware, (especially the motherboard) you must re-install Windows.
Now, I know others will say it is possible to upgrade without doing so, but it has been my experience that re-installing is both less time-consuming, and less headaches.
Let me know if you need help with it.

mikecrIT Architect/Technology Delivery Manager

I have to agree with Ralph. When you upgrade your machine it is a good thing to reinstall everthing from scratch so that the operating system and all other software from scratch. It may take a little while but you won't be sitting there scratching your head trying to figure out what went wrong and how do I fix it.


Yep, I agree too.  A reinstall takes about 10 minutes to initiate.  Just start the thing up and when it starts copying files, go away and come back in an hour.  This won't rebuild the system registry or undo all your cusomizations, but it will replace any damaged system files and rebuild vmm32.vxd with with the correct set of virtual device drivers.  I suggest booting from your emergency boot disk so you won't have to depend on an unstable system to do the first part of the install.  If you don't have the floppy, at least start out in safe mode by holding down ctl while windows boots.


Okay guys I'll try that. I guess if no one has any more sugests
I'll give the points to Ralph.

does anyone no what that error msg means?

Thanks for the input guys.
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The memory allocation error sounds like it is comming from an app or driver that is not functioning correctly.  The message suggests a program doesn't like how it is getting or handling memory.  I believe that the operating system itself is probably not the problem but may be causing the problem.  Normally, if memory is being mishandled in the operating system itself, you can't run at all.  My first guess is that a progam or driver is asking the OS for memory and it is not getting the answer it wants.  Is there anything that doesn't seem to be there when you boot up?

Just a thought, it wouldn't be a bad idea to run a virus scan.


Thanks for the comment Rosefire.
I haven't re-installed yet, but the last two times I re-booted I haven't seen the error msg for some reason....
oh well....
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