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I can't seem to find how to run a function that collects information from one application (Excel) and pastes it into another application (Word) and then repeats the process until all the data has been transferred from Excel to Word.  I need something more than just to link or embed the information since the information in excel will be constantly changed with new files that need copied to Word.  
Any ideas???
Any information you could provide me would be GREATLY appreciated.
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idcanadaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Reference the Word 8 or 7 object in your project.
Now you should be able to see the available options.
Such as
Dim objWord as new (Select the Word.Basic Object)
objWord.(List all the options)

you can write an application which automates both word and excel. First use copy fuction for excel and then use paste in the word document. if you are interested with the ideal let me know.
dderoccoAuthor Commented:
definetly interested.  Can you tell me more??

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I will get you the sample code to work. give me some time
You can use macro editor if you don't know which object to use to access the functionality.
First create a macro(record it automatically) in excel the work of selecting and copying the content. you will get a macro for that.
Once again create a macro in word to paste the content and save it.
Now you got almost full source code to use OLE automation. modify the source code to suite VB. And that will work fine.
If you face any problem in between let me know.
dderoccoAuthor Commented:
Can you provide more information?  I'm having trouble writing the code to start and execute the macros for word and excel.

Open the word application and in the tools menu oiptios you have macro option.Try it out writing a macro.
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