email subject line

I know the following HTML:
<A HREF="">
Mail me.</a>
But this doesn't seem to work with MSOutlook.
Any ideas?
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dangelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know how frustrated it is to work on some suppose to work codes for hours and get no where, unfortunatelly, this is the case.
Let me quote from The Complete Reference HTML published by Osborne:
Some browsers have introduced proprietary extensions to the mailto element, such as the '?subject' extensions.  These extensions are not standard as of this writing and will cause other browsers to be unable to send e-mail using the link.  There is work underway on standardizing extensions to the mailto element, but for now use of the proprietary extensions is discouranged.
Guess we just have to wait til Microsoft make Outlook and IE compatible soon :)
englishmanAuthor Commented:
I guess this means it is not possible - any workarounds at all anyone?
Or is this the bottom line?
If you are using NT Server and running IIS, then you can use CDO to create forms where visitors can send you E-mail through browser without E-mail client.  It's is very simple.  You can have To:, From:, Cc:, Bcc:, subject, body, attachfile and other options with CDO.
If you know ASP, this is the best I can think of.  The following is a very simple example:

Set objMail=CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
objMail.Send ("", "", "Using CDO", "CDO is easy to use and increases productivity of your website.")
Set ObjMail=Nothing

This example is CDO at its simplest form, you can enhance it with many other options.  I am not sure if this URL is still valid since MSDN often replace their articles, try .  If it's not there, take a look at the book called Professional ASP 2.0 and you can find valuable resources on using CDO.  Let me know if you have more questions and I'll try to help out :)
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englishmanAuthor Commented:
Just wondering how you are doing with CDO :)  Isn't it cool?  The first time I got to know it, I spent 2 days sitting in front of my computer implementing it to my site.  It's great!  Hope you enjoy it :)
englishmanAuthor Commented:
not doing it - decided it is easier to make a new page with a new form containing the "subject line" as a field and avoid this whole problem. Mind you I may check it out if work gives me the time - and thanks a lot
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