using right to left font in VB5

   I need this quickly and in detail:
  1. How can i change the text box object properties of VB so that it can entertain a font which works from right to left like in Arabic.
  2. I have come to know that i will have to create a selection of ocx objects for use in VB. So, how is an ocx created?
  3. Is  there any way i could do it without the creation of     ocx objects.  i.e. within the VB environment. IF so then       how.
 Once again please do give me details.
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The right to left property of objects in VB is determined by the OS, and the the application version.  In order to use a reversed font, you have to be running your system in a language that uses a reversed font.  The property is, as you have noticed, read-only because it depends on the version of windows.

There is a cheat, assuming that the characters in the font you are using are facing the correct direction, you can reorder the string input in the inverse order, so it appears to be reversed:

Dim OldString as string 'The original input
Dim NewString as string 'The reversed string

Do Until OldString.length = 0
    NewString = NewString & Right(OldString,1)


I would be able and would like to solve your question but I am confused...
Could you please post some more information on what it is that you want to do.


khurshidAuthor Commented:
   ok, i think point 2 of my question may have confused u. I want the text box of VB to be able to use font which works from right to left like in Arabic or Urdu. This way i can create a database which can be stored in the Urdu language. How can i make my font to work from from right to left. Can it be done within the VB environment? If not then do i need to create an ocx for it to work? If so then how do i create the ocx ( include format)? Please give details. I need the easiest way to make this work if possible.
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khurshidAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 210
khurshidAuthor Commented:
Its been a long time and i havent had any response . Please Respond.
khurshidAuthor Commented:
its been over a month, if u cant answer than let me know so that i could ask someone  else!
Little bit Confused ! Ok Here is my Suggestion..


set the Right to Left Property of the text box property to True

Set the font property to any Arabic fonts, like "traditional Arabic"

Hope it will help you !


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