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Windows CE: 1)IE 2)networking

I would like to know what the capabilites of the current version of IE on CE are. I suppose it is pretty limited. Can it display images? What about Javascript and dynamic HTML?

Also, is there a way to connect a CE device to a LAN so that it were visible via Windows networking?
1 Solution
CE2's IE will read Javascript and display images just like normal IE, but is the quality is dependant on the Hardware (memory, display...)  CE1 doesn't support LAN cards, but CE2 does.  You can log into the network almost like a PC.  I've got a CE1 Palmtop, and it's great for E-mail and Remote internet access but that's about it.
simonffAuthor Commented:
So, does CE have a remote dial-up service just like normal Windows? Also, what about dynamic HTML in IE? (I guess it is absent, but this is what prompted the question in the first place.)

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