Visual B Object programming

Every book I look at has a small intro to objects and classes. So how does a VB or programming newbie get into this. As yet the only author i got any value from was Schneider. Visual Basic Unleashed was (Aus)$100 worth of crap, Rob Thayer talks all about classes etc but gives no
real intro into examples and expects you to have all kinds of other object programs. Anyway it wasn't for me.
Is there a decent book out there, not just one that gives of
a few geeWhiz item of data every second chapter.
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delmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As was mentioned in a previous comment, Beginning Objects with VB5 (ISBN 1-861001-45-2) is an excellent resource for this, as well as its followup for VB6 (ISBN 1-861001-72-X).  These were written simply because no other book on the subject existed at the time for beginners, and still doesn't.  I was a Technical Reviewer on both of them, and still feel they're the best beginning resource on the market for OOP with VB.
Take a look at Hardcore VB. That book is a lot more than a simple introduction.
Another good book is Using VB 5 by mcKelvy
d8950093Author Commented:
Thanks can you give me more info on the vb hardcore, like how it handles objects etc,
I wiould have to order it from here.
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d8950093Author Commented:
Would appreciate more info on begginers object programming for VB books.
like Rating Doing Objects by Debora K.
Programming with VB 5 for windows by Diane Zak or any books.
Visual Basic Business Objects (Wrox Press) is a pretty good introduction to objects & provides many examples - (You build a multi-tier app as you go through the book). Another good object book is written by Daniel Appelman (I can't remember the title). His book gives an overview of objects, collections & ActiveX. (He has also written a Windows API book that is absolutely wonderful). Hardcore VB would probably be #3 as far as vb object books go (In my humble opinion).
1. Register yourself at (its free) the have a lot of online books available for viewing and purshasing
2. look at the section under programming for the title 'Platinum Edition Using Visual Basic 5' this book gives good information on classes and OOP with VB.
3. There are other titles in VB (4,5,6) and other computer related categories
4. If after browsing through the titles, you are still not satisfied then purchase Mastering Visual Basic 6 from Microsoft Press. This CBT is all you need to get into VB.

d8950093Author Commented:
Platinum edition Using VB 5 is not too good with this, I spent 30 min on the floor of bookshop reading it.
Am already reviewing online.
I am wanting dedicated object programming for begginer. I have plenty of other VB Titles.
Try skipping the VB part of it and read a good OO only book.

Starting point:

If you understand the basic OO concepts there should be no problem implementing them in VB.
d8950093Author Commented:
Ok, thanks .
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