How to catch Ctrl alt delete??

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Is it possible for an application in Windows 95/NT to
catch control + alt + delete key combination? Is it
possible using VB or VC++?
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Yes, it is possible. You have to tell 95 that you are the current screensaver.
Search the MSDN for this topic.
C/A/D is handled down at the BIOS level. Windows can process it, but only if the BIOS passes it up the chain. The best spot to stop it is down at the BIOS.

You'ld have to write a DOS TSR program to take over the C/A/D interrupt vector and then do nothing in response.

This is *NOT* a clever thing to do as it will make the user think that your software crashes *really hard* (they have to use the RESET button or power cycle) instead of being able to C/A/D and just terminat the task.


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