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windows 95 sound problem

gkbogert asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I have a Packard Bell Aztec 144 sound card.  A while back I
messed up and reinstalled windows over itself and have been trying to get things right ever since.  I'm almost there but
have been unable to get Audio (MIDI"s run fine)I have sound in Dos mode.  There are no IRQ or DMA conflicts.  All correct drivers seem to be installed. When I go to Control Panel/Multimedia/Audio it says there is no playback device.
Any ideas?
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Install the Aztech Sound Galaxy Washington 16 drivers for your soundcard.
Let me know if you need help with it.

Are there any devices listed in system/hardware -tab ? under video sound something.
My guess is that your playback device is not listed there.
If not add the hardware....

try the hardware wizard, it should detect the card and then install the proper drivers and this should enable you sound card to function. Go into control panel and then add new hardware and when prompted to allow windows to detect your new hardware answer yes and allow it to run, I think this will solve your problem.
under safe mode go to system properties, go to device manager go to the sound,games,jostick and delete all of the devices that correspond to the sound card, reboot the system, then when it reboot see if it say that it is installing the driver for the sound card, choose list all hardware compatible, choose have disk, insert the CD of the SOund card or the new driver that you downloaded from the NET, and Install the drivers, then it should be working fine. that should solve it

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Alot of good info but nothing worked.  Here's more input:

Control Panel/Multimedia/Audio: "No Playback Device"

Control Panel/Multimedia/Advanced/Audio Devices/Audio for Packard Bell Sound Card: "Staus: Driver is enabled but inactive due to an unknown problem"

Control Panel/System/Device Manager/sound card.../Packard Bell Sound Card: no conflicts


1) Cannot restart computer in safe mode.  A message to
the efeect that windows encountered a problem accessing the register comes up.

2) All media control devices are enabled in Multimedia.

3) When I run C:sound144/utility/diagnose all sounds pass the test (DOS mode)

yeah, you can get to SAFE MODE, reboot, press F8 choose COmmand DOS prompt, do, C:\SCANREG\FIX and then it will Fix your register and let you boot to safe mode, then you can do what I PUT on My ANSWER BEFORE, seems like you couldnt try it. But I had same problem and it work with me. But you have to do it in SAFE MODE what I said before. I know it should work for sure.


Shut Down , rebooted and pressed F8.

Selected 6. Command prompt

C:\scanreg\fix comes back with Bad command or file name

Ran a file find on scanreg.* on both C: and my Install cdrom.  nothing
are you running WIN98 or 95??? if it is win98 you have a bad installation of your program I would saY reinstall WIN95 or Win98 to fix the missing Files which you should have


Running Widows 95.

My problems started after a reinstall and am hesitant to do it again because everything works except the audio.

The hardware wizard did not detect it?  It should.
when I dont get any device playback that means I installed the wrong sound drivers. you might be installing over and OVer and it might be a for a different chip. check what chip it is. ESS 1868. 1878 or whatever chip it uses, normally has a different number and that what it can  be happening. Samebrand ETC. but different CHIP. Also, I do not understand why you cant get to SAFE MODe, if you cant get to safe mode how are you supposed to fix things around. if the installation it is already messed up, I would Reinstall it again. and see what happens
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I am using a Packard Bell sound setup. I have drivers and setup up for Packard Bell Aztec 144 sound card if they are any help to you. I have sound problems at times with windows 95 but i install the drivers from the CD and it seems to fix it. Running the hardware wizard picks up the sound card as different types everytime i run it. if you have icq add 927893.
as I mentioned before and MIZZTIGGER is saying is what I explained you before. thats what I believe it is happening SAME SOUND CARD but there are different chips and that can create things like the problem you have. you are installing Over and OVer the wrong Drivers and thinking they are the correct ones.
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