long file names

Will using filenames for web pages longer than 8 letters cause any problems for any web browsers?
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aioudineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes it's will work
thank you

generaly no,
but avoid using filename with spaces and national characters (non-latit-1)
it's may confuse same browsers (like Netscape 3 for Win3.x)
jtp101Author Commented:
Hello Again aioudine

I really need more info on exactly which browsers would be affected.

Thanks anyway.

OK To be clear, according to RFC 2068

1) Servers should be cautious about depending on URI lengths
above 255 bytes, because some older client or proxy implementations
may not properly support these lengths.

2) You may not use in URL
reserved       = ";" | "/" | "?" | ":" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "+"
unsafe         = CTL | SP | <"> | "#" | "%" | "<" | ">"
where is
CTL            = <any US-ASCII control character   (octets 0 - 31) and DEL (127)>
SP             = <US-ASCII SP, space (32)>
<">            = <US-ASCII double-quote mark (34)>

We never have problem with filename length (our URL is less 255 char)
We have problem with national character using dark-age International ver of Netscape 2&3.?  running on Win3.1

jtp101Author Commented:
So using only standard alphabet (abc...) filenames shorter than 256 characters will work
even in the dead old browsers Right?

Anyway you have answered my question so if you post your comment again as an answer
I'll give you the points.

Thanks very much.

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