HP6L "Not Found"

New install w/WIN95..lotus spreadsheet printed fine...since reboot, HP6L cannot be found, wizard is no help, changed cables, did everything that any idiot would do, reinstalled included, nothing works???  What am I overloking?
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Glad we could help!
jprideauxAuthor Commented:
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Try installing the drivers for the HP Laserjet 4L and see if they'll work.  (Just as a troubleshooting step)

Also, could you please list all the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far as we do not want to waste time trying things you've already tried.

How long have you had this printer?  How long have you been able to use it?
Do you have an anti-virus package?

Let me know,
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If the printer is connected to the parallel port, check the device manager settings for your LPT port are present and not conflicting.  If you wan't to know how to do this, let me know but I get the impression from your post that you know your way around already.  Is the parallel port configured correctly and without conflicts?  

I also suggest you boot a DOS session and see if you can dump a text file to the lpt port.  If you can, then the problem is in windows and you will have confidence in the cables and printer.

Try the menu selection on the printer itself, if you have one.

I have an HP II-D that has to be configured identically to what Windows says, or it won't work. When I got it (used) I had a hell of a time figuring out why Windows kept saying NO PAPER. Holding the menu button down for about 5-10 seconds brings up a second menu on mine that enables selection between serial and parallel port. That was the problem: it was set up for serial.

Try the LPT.VXD upgrade (MS Free Software or on your Win95 CD in \Drivers\Printr\Lpt - not loaded by default at Win95 setup).It cures problems with HP6s.
What version of the printer software are you using?
The most recent version for the printer software components is:
HP LaserJet 6L Installer                            vC
HP Host Based Printer driver                   v14.7
HPBLA PCL Printer Driver                       v1.01
HP LaserJet Uninstaller                            v14.7
HP PCL Status Window                           v3.30.0.2

The most recent version for all software listed can be downloaded at:
Do you know if the parallel port works for other devices?
jprideauxAuthor Commented:
I just purchased/installed a bi-directional parallel cable and the HP6L NOW works fine with all applications.  Although I would not have thought of this, it appears strange that none of you did either.
I could give you a long dissertation on parallel cables (I did in one question recently).   Really "bi-directional" and ordinary centronics cables  are the same from a connectivity standpoint.  A bidirectional printer cable is just one that is IEEE-1284 compliant.  If it is not 1284 compliant the electrical noise and signal integrity is not guaranteed unless the non-compliant cable is under 6 feet.  The term "bi-directional" is really a misnomer.
To address your point.  There were lots of possibilities.  To address a problem you must narrow the scope of possible causes before you rush off making wild guesses. The exception to this is where you have seen the exact problem before and it is distictive enough to recognize.  
Bidirectional printing, eh? Well, good luck to you because I have this problem and I still get intermittent problems.

I solved it completely by using a Laserjet 3 driver, but then again I have a very low opinion of bidirectional communication for printing- and I despise the Windows Printing System.

Mind you, you might like that "functionality" of the printer telling Windows "I'm just feeding the paper through" and all that nonsense, but I prefer the LJ3 - tell it to print and it prints. No print- paper jam, out of toner or dead. Simple!
Fixed the -1 problem on this question.
Escrow points corrected.

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