Which Perl book is good?

I am looking for a book teaching Perl and CGI programming?
It will be great if it goes from beginner to advance.
Does anybody have any suggestions?
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ventolinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First I would read "Learning Perl (2nd Edition)" and then maybe check out "Teach Yourself Cgi Programming With Perl in a Week".

I'd suggest:

PERL by EXAMPLE by Ellie Quigley (2nd edition) ISBN:0-13-655689-2
(That's for learning Perl there's also a chapter on CGI - but after mastering Perl - you'll find CGI very easy!!)

CGI Developer's Guide by Eugene Eric Kim
(this is for learning CGI using examples - not very thorough - but let's you feel the power of CGI and motivates you)

Special Edition Using Perl for Web Programming by David Harlan, et al.
(for CGI programming)
> First I would read "Learning Perl (2nd Edition)"
 and if you're going to make real programs you probably switch back to the Camel book (1st Edition) ;-)
I used CGI/PERL cookbook and met my needs.
i think it only costs like 20 bucks too.

UTEKAuthor Commented:
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