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cdr recording problems

I have a acer 6206a cd-rw.I can copy my audio cds with no problem whatsoever using easy cd creator for example. What I would like to do is backup my childs playstation games and I cannot get through a single cd.The closest that I have come to success is using easy cd pro but it gets to the end of a cd 99 percent and then just locks up.with some programs I get an "no recorder found on scsi bus" Any help is much appreciated.Acer 6206a is a ide drive.
1 Solution
fenix99Author Commented:
Edited text of question
Most CD-R's only record disks used for Win95 and NT. Now, although you can read playstation files, this is still the case.

I can think of a possible workaround. Search on 'playstation emulator'.  These people make emulators that will let you play playstation games, and they might just have a program to successfully copy playstation CD's.

remember you are dealing with a fine line here, so be careful.

Let me know what happens
You will need a program such as Nero or Cdrwin, both available from psx sites on the internet. These will copy Playatation games successfully. Remember it is illegal to copy these games except for the original owner to make backup copies. You will also need a mod chip fitted to your Playstation to be able to use the backups. The modchip is available on line from
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fenix99Author Commented:
I have tried nero and cdrwin neither of which has worked for me,although i do indeed appreciate your input,Thank you
I can fully understand your need to backup what kids wreck so easy.

Playstation cd's actually have errors installed on them to avoid copying. The games never use these tracks so there is no problem.

To be able to copy these, you need a hardware modification i have read about. As i don't have a playstation there's been no need for me to find out what has to be done but i thought i'd let you know .

Sony consider this software piracy but i have kids and know what happens to cd's and i maintain a belief in being able to back up software.


I have never backed up a playstation game before, but I know that you can read the files. Have you tried to copy it onto your hard drive, then make a copy from that?
Hi fenix99
Check this site it's devoted to playstation CD duplication.
I have done it before from some I had. With NTI CD MAKER PRO 3.
go to WWW.NTIUS.COM they will not say you can of course. but you can, as long as you have the Mode CHip in your playstation then you can play your copy CD if that is the case. Try DISCJUGLER too. there is many BURN programs. CDRWIN NERO and ADAPTEC are not good for that. good luck

PS: give me some points if it was helpful to you ;p
fenix99Author Commented:
I have been to this site on many occasions,but was unable to solve my problem from there.Thank you anyway
i think playstation CDs are copy protected anyway
Have you tried what I suggested (copying to HD, then to CD)?
fenix99Author Commented:
I have tried copying to hardrive first,"output device reported errors",thank you though
I have a panasonic 8xread 4x write and use cequadrat 4.5 burning software which i find very good for all my burning needs, as for playstation i have to make an image file first or i get problems burning  try lowering your write speed and remember to close of the cd
I thought I had submitted answer to this question before Xmas,

There are a few things you need to know about Sony playstation game CDs.

1. They are copy protected (bad news)
2. This is not hard to overcome (good news)

Sony when creating the CDs force bad tracks/sectors onto the CD when your CDR software incounters these it trys to ingore them and continue copying the CD and will then give an error when finished.  This is not a problem because in fact you have copied all the data required to play the game.

The problem lies in that the platstation whants to see these bad tracks and when it dos'nt with your copyed CD it sulks.

Solution: The addition of a cheap MOD chip which is hard wired into the playstation will solve this refer to for more info.

BTW it is only allowed to create back-ups of games you own, anything else would be copyright stuff.

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