VB Setup

I've made my own Installation program
We don't use the VB setup wizard, because our installation is very specific

To run a VB-application, windows needs MSVBVM50.DLL at least
My question is how can i copy this dll to the winsys directory without using a dos-batch file or something
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kesonlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The MSVBVM50.DLL can be in the same directory as your VB installer program - your program will find it there, and then you can copy in to WinSys for the main program to use.
with the command "Filecopy" ?

dont forget to temp install Regsvr32.exe so you can register your dll
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gaAuthor Commented:
When i want to use filecopy i need VB and VB needs msvbvm50.dll
You can write a tiny Setup.Exe in C, that will copy the rtl and register it, and run your setup program.
why not use the setup.exe that comes with vb..Write your own cutdown version of setup1.exe in VB to do what you want...and you have all the functionality of VB..Failing all this you could edit the setup1.exe (.vbp) that also comes with VB, to do your specific jobs.
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