HP-IV won't print

I had to replace the toner in my HP-IV and after doing so I printed out a test page.  It printed ok but I noticed it said I had 14mb memory.  I opened the side panel to check and yes there were 3 4mb SIMM's.  
I put them back in, ( I have replaced SIMMS before OK), closed the door and shut down for the day.  
Wed AM I went to print and now it only prints blank pages.  I tried to do a test page again but it was also blank.  I opened the side door to check the memory was seated properly and it was ok. Turned unit back on and tried to print but still blank pages.  
Tried the HP manual and it does not address this problem except to tell you to contact customer support.
Big Joke!  I called them and went through the voice mail merry-go-round until I hung up out of frustation of not hearing a human voice.  
Still not able to print and I am climbing the wall.  
PLEASE HELP.  I think I have given you as much information as I know.  This is probably a routine question for anyone who has had this problem before but for a home user it has me stumped.  
PS: I don't use this much as it is only for home use.  I bought it in 1996 and it only had 2000 copies on it when I did the test print with the new cartridge.
Your help is apprecieated.
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speed_54Connect With a Mentor Commented:
agree with rosefire - sounds like a toner cart problem. to see if it is, get the old cart (and give it a side to side shake- there might for the purpose of testing be a little toner left) and try printing a test page. if still nothing, and you try the same with another new cart, you may find that the problem lies deeper in the printer - it could be the fuser unit not 'melting' the toner onto the paper. suggest you take it to an hp service centre for checking, as there is probably nothing further you can do to fix the problem.
lsturgisAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
lsturgisAuthor Commented:
I don't understand the point system for a question.  As I said, this is probably a simple question for someone who does printer work but more than I can figure out.
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Okay, this is an HP LaserJet 4, correct?
Have you tried pulling out all the ram and seeing if it will print then?
How are you going about trying to print a test page?  Is it from the printer itself or from windows?  I would assume that you are doing it from the printer as it is telling you the page count and the memory size.
This may sound like a dumb question, but have you pulled out the activation strip to activate the new toner cartridge?

Are you receiving any error messages on the printer itself?

Try the following:
Turn the printer off, and then turn it back on while holding down the [On Line] button.  The printer should say [08 Cold Reset] then it will return to a normal offline state.
Then print out a test page from the printer.
If that doesn't work, try turning off the printer and pulling out all the memory.  Turn it back on without any of the extra memory (it should have 2 mb with all the simms removed) holding down the online button again.  Print out a test page again.

If that works, start putting in the ram one at a time and after installing each one, print a test page.

Let me know how that go's.

Joel R. Helgeson
Just in case the above doesn't help......

This sounds more to me as if it is a problem with the cartridge.  Your printer doesn't even need added memory. You should be able to print most documents without adding any.  The printer seems to think it is printing, according to your description.  Focus first on the toner cartridge.  Have you removed and reinstalled it, or looked at it for signs of damage?  If all else fails, try exchanging the cartridge where you bought it, or with another if you have an extra.  Is it an HP cartridge?  I think the SIMMs are probably not the cause of your problem.

Speed_54, if you agreed with me, how come you are trying to take the point credit for the answer.  Or was that an accident?  Usually it is best to let the questioner decide who gave the answer.
The only other item it could be is the toner cartridge is not inserted completely / properly and the laser is not able to write an image to the drum.  If your laser assy was broken it would give you an error message.

lsturgisAuthor Commented:
It turned out to be a defective cartridge.  The dealer loaned me another one (Ireturned my old one to HP) and it worked fine so they exchanged it with a new one.  If I had not opened the side to check for the RAM, I would have more than likley checked the cartridge myself.  It just appeared I had screwed something up.
Thanks for the tip, it worked.  The printer is as good as new.
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