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Internal Error in the Windows Internet Extensions

I keep getting the following error when running MSIE4 on Windows 98

Internet Explorer cannot open the site http://........ an Internal Error in the Windows Internet Extensions

I've been to the Microsoft Knowledge base which is utterly unhelpful. This error is mentioned only once and the fix points you to something that doesn't exist - I quote:

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

          1.Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

          2.In Control Panel, double-click Devices.

          3.Click AFD Networking Support Environment.

          4.Click Startup.

          5.Click Automatic, and then click OK.

          6.Click Close, and then shut down and restart the computer.

          7.In Control Panel, double-click Devices. Verify that the AFD Networking Support Environment is started.

"In Control Panel, double-click Devices. " This is the one that got me - there is no DEVICES Icon in the control panel - nor anything that I can see to resemble DEVICES.

There should also be a file present on the system called AFD.SYS but I've done a search and I haven't got that either.

Can anybody help?
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1 Solution
There is a My Computer > Control Panel > System with a "device manager" tab.   Maybe what you want is under network devices there.  If there is supposed to be an afd.sys on your system and isn't, then there will probably be nothing there for it.  Can you provice more detail on the AFD Networking?
BadgerAuthor Commented:
You know as much as I do - in my question I've cut & pasted from MSoft own Site. I don't know what AFD.SYS means or does.
AFD.SYS: Ancillary Function Driver that provides kernel-mode support for Windows Sockets transport interface by extending the functionality of TDI.

The above was found in:
Does this help, or just raise more questions?
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Lets focus on the problem.  More info is needed.  How are you trying to get on the internet?  Using a network?  A dial up adapter?  

Lets see if we can close in on an answer taking this route.

Some simple checks:
1.  If you are using a dial up adapter, delete and reinstall it after recording the settings.  

2. Check settings for the internet and protocols used.  Something may show up changed or corrupted.

3. The problem could be IE.  Try reinstalling or upgrading.

BTW, did the cut and paste you used come from NT documentation at microsoft?  I suspect it did.  Since you are running 98 it may be irrelevant to your problem.  Surpise surprise.  ;-)
Asta CuCommented:
Totally agree with Rosefire -- the specific error message you cited is clearly NT related, not Windows 98-specific from all I've found.  In searching the MS Knowledge Base for my own purposes, found the following comment on internal errors:
QUOTE Internal Errors
This error message is designed for internal program evaluation only. It should not appear during normal program execution. If this message appears, please write down the information in the message box, then contact Technical Support. END QUOTE

It's important to note the entire error message.  Did you happen to notice if ASP existed somewhere in the address line when this error occurred.  Had similar problems, uninstalled/reinstalled all my network-related stuff in device manager (right click my computer icon, choose properties, get device manager, delete components, etc.), removed Dial-up Adapter, TCP/IP, etc.  all that Rosefire indicated, noted settings, let / rebooted, let Win98 find/install - was OK.  Noticed some sites have problems with HTTP 1.1 settings (in IE 4, View/Internet Options and Advanced) - even after fix, unchecked http 1.1 and/or HTTP 1.1 through proxy connection, etc. and problem was gone for the specific site reporting this connection problem.  Then returned the default setting, so that I don't have connection problems with most other sites in compliance with this HTTP standard.

BadgerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input.

OK - first up I've found out before seeing your replies (from colleagues at work) that the Control Panel(CP) reference in the MS KnowlegeBase I cut and pasted DOES refer to NT and NT alone.

Devices DO exist as an icon in in the NT CP but NOT in Win 9x.

The AFD.SYS is red herring then 'cos it's present only in NT - so yes Rosefire unfortuanely it is irrelevant;-(

Astec - the message may well be designed for evaluation only, but I can assure you it does exist in Win98 and it's preventing me from using  MSIE4!

Astec - That is the entire error message.

Don't really fancy deleting my network stuff unless really necessary. I've a fairly complicated set-up. I have unusual Security Client software on my PC which allows me to dial in to my work place server as well as a traditional ISP connection.

Regards de-installing/reinstalling MSIE4 - I thought this was frought with problems, MSIE4 being so integral to the Win 98 OS?

I will try your suggestions about HTTP1.1 and Proxy settings and report back.

Meanwhile if what I've said here gives you anymore ideas - let me know

many thanks

Badger Bill

Just some thoughts.  You seem to know your way around your system pretty well so I won't get into details.  For what it's worth.....

If you want to upgrade IE you can use IE 5 beta which is available from Microsoft.  It is Windows 98 compatible.  IE is frought with problems and your IE is broken as it is. You don't have much to lose.  Hopefully the HTTP 1.1 settings will fix your problem.  I don't think I've encountered any cases where upgrading IE trashed someones system but I am sure it is possible.  Usually we see problems with the internet use and IE crashing while accessing the internet.

If you want to reinstall the curren version of IE you can just run the windows 98 installation over your current system.  It will replace the IE files if they are corrupted or damaged and your non system critical settings will not be changed.

Just some ramblings that might prove useful.....
BadgerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rosefire. Unfortunately, altering the HTTP1.1 settings didn't make a scrap of difference.

I think reinstalling IE 4 is my best bet. As a webmaster for an major IT corporate Intranet I daren't overwrite my system with IE5. I'm dying to give it a try, but as most of my users are browsing with IE3 or 4, I don't want to introduce a whole new set of incompatability problems. Lord knows there are enough as it is - and then there's Netscape - but I'm sure I don't have to tell you this;-)

Will report back post re IE4 install.
BadgerAuthor Commented:
Erm... problem. How do I reinstall MSIE 4 on Win 98. I can't remove it using Ad/Remove Progs cos it's not listed (Integral Part of operating system - remember?)and of course all the stuff on the Win98 CD are in CAB files - help!!!
BadgerAuthor Commented:
Well in the end I had to reinstall Win 98 over the top of itself - I was experiencing some other problems and I thought it was worth a go - don't really like doing it as I like a clean machine!

Anyway it's solved the MSIE4 problem. Thanks to all for your input. Rosefire if you'd like to repost as an answer the 5points are yours.


Badger Bill
OK.  Happy it helped.  I think you will find that your install is still clean. I have done this many times.  The reinstall actually seems to do a decent job of cleaning up.

BadgerAuthor Commented:
Many thanks Rosefire
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