I am trying to run NWADMIN on my NT WS4 PC (SP3).
I get the following error message :
'An error occurred getting your Directory Services context.
Your default context will be set to the root of the tree.
Return code 0:-30465'
Any solutions ?

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lieblaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I know the Netware Client delivered from Microsoft cannot handle the Netware 4.x specific things like Directory Services context.
Install the Novell Intranetware Client (4.11a is the most recent version).
This client can be used for 3.12 and 4.x servers and you can download it from www.novell.com

CoolerAuthor Commented:
Is there a different version of NWADMIN for NT ??
Cooler, are you running the program from a mapped drive. I suspect liebla is talking bllcks cos ive run it. make sure you run the 95 version b'cos the 3.11 version reports back strange things.

aren't lemons brillient.
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Cooler, if you wish to perform administrative task on NT
You MUST use special version of NWADMIN+Novell's client

for oldes client it's located in sys:\public\winnt\nwadminnt.exe
for newest client you may use sys:\public\win32\nwadmin32.exe
which work on W95&NT

latest client for NT is Client 32 for NT v4.5 and
can be dowloaded from http://www.novell.com/download
S ConnellyTechnical WriterCommented:
Aioudine:  Not true if we are referring to NWADMN95.EXE.
If you install the Novell client on the NT workstation (I recommend ZEN Works), Netware Administrator for 95 works very well under NT.  
In fact, I've installed the Admin s/w in a public directory and just link a [nwadmin95.exe] shortcut to any desktop (95/98 or NT) without the need to install the s/w.    Too bad Microsoft can't build s/w this easy to use!!

Well, I hav't tried to use nwadmin95 under NT,
Anyway I think it's better to use nwadmin32
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