How to write an expert for Delphi 3,4?Expert must retrieve form info,TWinControl info from IDE

Posted on 1998-12-01
Last Modified: 2010-04-04
I need to create an expert for delphi 3,4 (Win95/98/NT) to do the following:
(How exactly this is done, I don’t have a clue?????)
(1) This expert must be able to retrieve:
(a) how many forms belong to the current open project in the Delphi IDE.?
(b) what they are called ?
(c) what TwinControls are on each form ?
(d) what the property values are for these TwinControls ?
(e) I must be able to change these property values eg..Tbitbtn1.caption := ‘ddd’; ?

I require an answer to all of the subquestions too please.
Can increase the points given for subquestions answered too, or perhaps add them as questions after the main problem solved.

Question by:doogie
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ID: 1348769
Here are some components from DSP - the source available with them should answer all your questions - if not let me know...


Raymond. (26,216 bytes) A Delphi Expert that build reports using the QuickReport components (ver. 0.97 beta, added
     8/9/96)  by Moacir Alves Schmidt  

     etk10.exe (176,698 bytes) Expert tool kit: helps you create your own experts and wizard to extend Delphi 3's IDE (ver.
     1.0, added 6/21/97)   by Tempest Software   (247,973 bytes) eXpert Development Kit (XDK) includes set of visual components, functions and tools to
     simplify your Add-Ins development for Delphi IDE. (ver. 1.1, added 11/30/97, Documentation: is available separately from
     the author's home page. Condition of usage: free with reference similar to "... created with XDK by Sergey Orlic")
               by Sergey Orlic (3,957 bytes) The Source Expert is a tool that allows the Delphi developer a quick open Delphi source files.
     (ver. 1.0, added 11/26/97)  by Roman M. Mochalov (250,638 bytes) Set of experts. Source find Expert, Method Navigator, Favorite files expert, Fast Package expert
     and more... Need Library RX (ver. 1.02, added 12/23/97, IF you interisting Then Writing To Me)  by Buzaev
     Alexander (65,691 bytes) Components Hierarchy Browser (CHB) is a Delphi 3 Add-in that enables developers to
     examine without compile the inheritance information for components, registered in the Delphi 3 Components Palette. CHB
     is designed with using eXpert development Kit (ver. 7/13/97, added 11/30/97, requires eXpert development Kit to compile)
               by Sergey Orlic (8,598 bytes) GUID Expert will allow you easily to create the new descriptions of interfaces and globally
     unique identifier (GUID) not leaving Delphi IDE. (ver. 1.0, added 1/26/98, with source, Sergey Orlic XDK requires)
               by Andre Belokon, Grani Ltd.  


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ID: 1348770
Try to be more specific with your question. Do you need the information at Design time or Run time? What is the purpose of your project?


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ID: 1348771

Try this link:

It sounds as if it is what you're looking for. If it is, consider this as a proposed answer.
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Author Comment

ID: 1348772
Thanks all.

Will look into all the proposed answers, and when I find the one that works will let you know.
Rwilson ... thanks for the refrences. Will look at them all.

To be more specific... the expert will have to work on the project open in the IDE at Design Time. I have developed a tool, and wish to imlement it as an expert. The concept code is written, but, I need to be able to get the data mentioned in my question, to be able to make the tool functional...If that answers your question Williams2.

Gerhard .. I'll take a look at your link
Thanks to all .. give me some time to get through this all, then will respond.

Please feel free to give code snippets...especially for the parts on accessing properties through the expert of the designtime projects TwinControls/TControls.


Author Comment

ID: 1348773
I sorry rwilson ... you give me a lot of references to experts/components on the net .. just too much hassle to browse all that code etc .

I prefer Gerhards answer. Follow that hyperlink, and those ensuing, and you will find hundreds of pages of articles explaining just how to write experts, + tricks, undocumented features etc. Really a must to bookmark

Thanks Gerhard ( PS Is jy Gerhard van Telkom Pretoria?)

Please will gerhard submit his answer as an answer sothat I can give him the points.

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ID: 1348774
Yup, bookmarked that site!



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ID: 1348775
There is a good book called - The Hidden Paths of Delphi.
It deals specifically with experts. Take a look at it on

Good luck

Accepted Solution

Gerhard100198 earned 200 total points
ID: 1348776
Ja ek is.

Is jy Adrian van 26ste Laan, Villieria?

Kan ek nou maar my 200 punte key asb. ;)

Author Comment

ID: 1348777
Nee, maar van 25ste ... mag ek jou maar by die werk pla vir advies via jou email?

Expert Comment

ID: 1348778
Ja, jy is welkom.

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