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Is their a way in linux to have an entry in the dns files to look something like this IN A 8888
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adrianwatkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I am aware, and I think i am right on this one, DNS will only provide Name lookup, it has nothing to do with providing a port, that is controlled by the application. IE if I browse the web using the fact that I am using a web browser means port 80 by default to the address that resolves then name. IF I were sending mail, then it would be port 25. the mail and web servers conrol the port number (which they may lookup using there local /etc/services)

What I would consider is a redirecting page on another web server. Ie have a web page on a server somewhere with say a name of and have this redirect to then once here use all URLs to point to the correct port. There are possibly other ways just at this time of night I can't think of them.
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bryanjonesAuthor Commented:
I have a firewall on my network, this machine that I want 8888,, is running on port 8888 of my firewall and I want to be able to use a url instead of  When potential browsers of the net enter this URL I want them to access the httpd daemon that is on the machine inside the firewall where the database server resides.  I have tried multiple instances but everytime I try to restart named daemon it states that their is an error in the named file.  What do I need to do in order for it to be like so

database   IN  A 8888 --> using that specific port which is in my /etc/services file as a plug-gw to the database machine inside the firewall.  As of now I can access the database machine by, but I want it to be this way instead,

All the help would be greatful.. if for some reason that this question is to hard for the points that I am going to award please let me know and I will increase to what I fell the points should be.  I would rather have this question anwsered rather than fuss about points.
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