SNMP, where to find some help ?

I Have a Soft that required SNMP, But i've never used it
and I don't know how to setup it.
Where can i find online help about SNMP under Nt 4 please?

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hubenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Jacoby,

Really glad to have been able to help, and thanks for your and Jason_S' words. I think it is really good for us to keep a good rule in this site so that we can share knowledge more happily.

You need to install SNMP service in Network Properties.
When you install SNMP service you only install a agent. This is not interesting until you aquire a manager. Castlerock makes a cheap manager and HP (openview) more expensive. You might already have other agents that comes with network equipment. Primary purpose with SNMP is to watch traffic and by the manager assemble statistic.
There is, however a free perl-script based application that can make web page out of snmp agents. If your interested I'll dig up the place to download this.
This was in generel, specific information on SNMP varies with equipment, and with a manager it need to compile a script with equipment information.
Right now there no major online information that I know off. May with NT resource kit I think there migth be little information to retrieve.

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jacobyAuthor Commented:
Ok, Thanks for your help. But i think i should explain to you my prob :

I've installed SNMP Service, but as i don't know what to put in the boxes, i left them blank.

After rebooting the server, i got an error:

unable to find the entry for SnmpSvcGetEntrepriseOID in the snmpapi.dll  .

And i realling don't know what to do.

As i've to do that before Thursday, i'll increase the points
allowed for his question.

jacobyAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 400
Check out this link/Web page.  Hope this helps.  If not, just ignore me.  : )
Did you reinstall SP3 after you installed SNMP service? If not, you better reinstall SP3. One artical on Microsoft site may give you some help, the address is:
General information of how to install and configure SNMP can be found from Windows NT Help. I think for detail information about SNMP protocal, traps, community, MIB, you have to look at some books. (Maybe not right)
Hope this help.
jacobyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jason_S and Huben.
Your comments helped me.
Jason_S, this didn't answered to my question but this is a good
bookmark for SNMP.

Huben, this is exactly what i was looking for. Now, it's OK.
Thanks a lot again.

Just reply with an answer so i will give the points to you !

jacoby:  Glad to have been able to help.  Reject the answer by cbo, so Huben can post an answer.

cbo:  Due to timing, I realize you may not have seen jacoby's responce.  It's always safer to post a comment rather than an answer until asked by the originator.
jacobyAuthor Commented:
Thanks cbo but Huben already gave the good answer.
try this site.. it has all the RFC that you need...
see you...

jacobyAuthor Commented:
gemerm, thanks for your help but i already got the answer for Huben.
So According to me, the question is closed. All I need is an
Answer for Huben as he answered this question with his comment.

So Thanks you everybody but please, stop answering this question cause it's Over.
jacobyAuthor Commented:
You're Welcome :)   And Thanks again for your help !
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