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Some games won't start

pborst asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
I can't play games like 'European Air War', 'Starcraft','Interstate 76', 'X-com vs Tie fighter' and 'total Anihilation'. After starting up the game, the screen becomes black and a few seconds later the windows desktop appears again. I have a Pentium II 300 Mhz, Stealth 3D 4000, Voodoo I 3Dfx, MS Force Feedback Joystick, 64 Mb RAM, $,3 Gb HD.
What can I do?
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I am not familiar with any of these games but experienced the same thing with
games needing the voodoo card
I also have a voodoo 1 and it is listed under multimedia devices in device manager.
The directx install sometimes doesn't find it as all the newer voodoo's (even 1)
will list under games, sound etc.
The solution for me was to kick out the voodoo, have a real hard time getting it under
games, sound etc. and installing directx again.
It will then be under multimedia devices again (???) and next directx installs will find it.

Also sometimes the directx install will not find it neccesary to upgrade your video, sound drivers while it should.
If it asks to replace old drivers do so.
That could fix it too.

Good Luck

I agree with uilleann. It is common for a game that doesn't find the functionality that it requires to just ungracefully kick out of the game and return to the desktop without any explanation. I suggest reinstalling DirectX. Installing DirectX can be a drag because it doesn't uninstall itself well - it at all. Until DirectX6, I would suggest removing DirectX files from the Windows\system and Program Files\DirectX directories and removing all DirectX entries from the Registry, ie HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DirectX everything. Unfortunately, this didn't work with an attempt at uninstalling DirectX6 and I, out of laziness to search for whatever other DirectX crap was still on the machine, resorted to reinstalling the OS, etc.
try getting the latest drivers for the voodoo1, and try direct x 5 first then if that doesn't work try direct x 6
if any probs reply please


Juggernaut, I tried your suggestion, but it didn't help.

After installing new drivers for my Diamond- and Voodoocard, I tried 'European Air War'
the same black screen appeared. Then I removed DX6 (files and occurence in the registry) and tried to install DX5, The error occured that Windows didn't support the language version of DX5. I tried the game just
to see what would happen. It said now that it needed DX6.0 or higher.

I removed and installed the game (and DX6) again. After an attemp to run the game
"error 7217" occured. The manual says this meant that DX6 wasn't properly installed,
or I had to try the original drivers for the video- and 3dfx-card.

Besides this the system now keeps asking for a file called 'mtrr.vdx'.

Do you have any other suggestions?


See comment of 7 december.

Please download dx6 again and install it, i have heard many times of a downloaded dx6 being corrupt.
It looks like this seeing the system still can't find a file.
e.g DX6 isn't properly installed(like i thought all along :) )

Good luck!
Are you using the correct version of Direct x 6 ? There are different ones for Win95 and Win98. I do not know if they check to see if they are being installed to the correct OS so it may be worth at least making sure.


Question for 'uilleann':
Where can I find a (good) download of dx6? I have found the site of microsoft, but this installs the driver directly on the computer, and I don't have access to the internet at home. (At work I run win95)

Comment for 'Stevie_emwsys'
Yes, during installation the game asks whether I am using Windows 98 or 95, so I guess that they have anticipated both operating systems, and install the right version of dx6.

Hi pborst,

should work.

Good luck!

pborst klinkt hollands trouwens..... :)


Thanks uilleann, I will try this during the hollydays.

Ik ben inderdaad een hollander, goed gegokt.
Leuk om hier een landgenoot te treffen, hoewel ....
uilleann klinkt niet bepaald hollands ! ! ! ???

Prettige Feestdagen !   d:-)

HA! dacht ik 't niet..
Wat dat uilleann betreft, ik speel Uilleann Pipes (spreek uit illun) oftewel Ierse doedelzak
Ben 1 van de ± 15 in Nederland.
In de film titanic kan je 'm zien, marco borsato's nieuwste plaat heeft in het begin ook een stukje.
Phil Collins z'n nummer true colors ook.
Totaal verslavend instrument, en ook niet zo moeilijk.., pfffffff >:)

Jij ook een hele fijne kerst en oud en nieuw!!


BTW if anyone wants a translation, just ask! (silly dutchmen...) :)
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Thanks Mills for your answer, but I don't know if you are right.
I tried several versions of DirectX 6.0 for Windows 98 and Windows 95 but this didn't help. I also installed new drivers for my videocard and voodoocard, after this a lot of errors occured, who told me to reinstall the original drivers. During the last installation of my stealth 3D 4000 I saw a note that suggested that this card is only commpatible whith DX 5.0 and earlier versions. So I guess the problem is the videocard and not the voodoocard, as you suggested. I have little hope left to solve this problem without spending a lot of money. All suggestions are welcome! I will try the driver from Diamond again, but I have my doubts.

( I haven't tried StarCraft and Total Annihilation the last few times only European Air War because this is the game I would like to play most.)
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