where can i get fake ip

where can i get fake ip or something similar that will work on win 98?
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thankyouallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Alright hacker, here's a list of anonymous public proxy servers which you can use....
proxy.cybergate.co.zw 8080   www/ftp  subnet
proxy.telekom.yu      8080    www/ftp
proxy2.turnet.net.tr   8080    www   
proxy1.turnet.net.tr   8080    www   
sunsite.icm.edu.pl     8080    www/ftp
proxy.qatar.net.qa     8080    www/ftp  
w3cache.us.edu.pl      8080     www/ftp/gopher
mpls.cache.mr.net      3128     www/ftp
proxy1.jaring.my       3128      www    
magicall2.dacom.co.kr   8080     www/ftp
proxy.galactica.it      8080     www/ftp
linux.softec.es          8080    www/ftp 
infosun-fd.rus.uni-stuttgart.de   8080   www/ftp/gopher
proxye1-atm.maine.rr.com       8080       www/ftp
webcache.ms.mff.cuni.cz        8080   www/ftp/gopher/wais
conan.gocis.bg                  8080   www/ftp    
proxy.co.rmit.edu.au            8080        www/ftp
noc.uncu.edu.ar                 8080         www/ftp
Good luck buddy! Duh!
Ok, citizen you are a hacker and don't want to get caught....


will mask your ip address and it does work with win98

citizenAuthor Commented:
dont i have to pay for that - isnt there an alternative that i dont have to pay for? a prog maybe?
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