URGENT!!! --- crystal report question

i need to print 1 record on 1 page so i use the "new page after" on details section but the last page is always blank
any way to prevent this ....
i'm using crystal report 5.....
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InteqamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that is because you r using a page footer , try to hide the footer

wenchangAuthor Commented:
thanks...your solution work well ...i have another question though...i use data from eg. database A which is a test database only.the report is supposed to run in database B which is the actual database that the user is going to use....right now i using the set location function to change the database location....anyway to change the location dynamically from VB...
Thank you .

about your Q.

what i know is that you can only specify the report you want to use at run time , you don't specify the database to use , cause you have already done when designing the report it self , so the answer is NO ,

you can't specify the database at run time ,

Why do you need to do that , it is not logical , cause you may use database fields that do not exist in another database.

wenchangAuthor Commented:
well thanks any way...

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