Win 98 Config.sys

ok, I run a PII-233 on a Tyan s1846s Bx MB.  The operating system is Win98.  I've just added a Creative Sound Blaster Live, value.  Everything installs fine, until I install the software to load the card in Dos.  It put a line in my config.sys file: DEVICE=C:\windows\emm386.exe   which is my memory manager except that it locks my computer up while trying to load windows.  The only other line in the config.sys file is DEVICE=\windows\Himem.sys above the emm386 line.
When I load a my cd-rom driver into the config.sys and put it between the other two lines, my computer boots up fine.
The cd-rom line looks like this: DEVICE=\winbak\command\Toshiba.sys/D:=MSCD000/N:1/P:220
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To: jtbsky,
Assuming Win98 is the only system installed in your Pc.
Condition (1) You have config.sys as following:
Result: computer locked (if you have found blank-out of VGA and do not boot up.)
Condition (2) If you then amended as:
Result: computer boot up fine.
Noted himem.sys and emm386.exe is added when you instal soundblaster by the program itself.

First of all, suggested following explaination:
The problem of lockup:
After loading the device himem.sys ,system will use high memorary area. Then the computer try to load the 2nd line of your config.sys - the emm386.exe device.
After loading the emm386.exe, as you did not specify any inclusion or exclusion extended or expanded area of the ram , the emm386.exe will tell the PC to use all the extended and expanded ram and in page mode. It means the designated ram area for super VGA will be used too to load any programs command and devices and this ram area A000-FFFF be occupied by other devices. In such an instruction, only the ram area for monochrome monitor will not be used and excluded.
The loading of the CDrom device will then placed into the ram area just after the monochrome monitor ram area.
FYI, the ram area A000-FFFF the lower district of these ram area will be excluded and reserved for monochrome display. The whole district of these ram area will be reserved for use of superVGA.

Your computer finally stopped and locked as part of the super VGA drivers and control command cannot be loaded into the designated ram area. Such overlapping get loading bug.
In such a case, if you really insisted to add the line in the config.sys. please edit as:
device=c:\windows\emm386.exe x=A000-FFFF
where,ram area for handling super VGA monitor A000-FFFF is excluded and not to be handled by the memory manager emm386.exe

Please try to see if it worked out now.

For condition (2), why the problem did not happen?
FYI,Win98 itself automatically load himem.sys in Io.sys file eventhough you did not added the line in config.sys. It has the ability to manage the ram itself and smarter than the previous versions of himem.sys and emm386.exe of win95. There is no need for emm386.exe in win98 as it is true 32bit system.

After loading the line HIMEM.SYS and the computer try to load the second line for the CD-rom. Win98 uses its himem.sys to load the CD driver to the high memory area. Try to imagine the handling, windows read the high mem area and reserved the super VGA ram area before loading the device driver of CD-rom. Then window place the CD-rom sys driver at a higher part of ram area above the superVGA ram area.
After all these, even the Pc loads the 3rd line of emm386.exe, there is not much alters in affecting the ram area for super VGA.

This might be the case that your Pc could still be booted smoothly as normal.

Finally, suggested the recommended boot files as following:
AUTOEXEC.BAT (one line only)
AUTOEXEC.DOS (one line only)
CONFIG.SYS (one line only)
DEVICEHIGH=C:\winbak\command\Toshiba.sys /D:=MSCD000
CONFIG.DOS  (one line only)
DEVICEHIGH=C:\winbak\command\Toshiba.sys /D:=MSCD000

Where window98 can read automatically the CDrom as CDrom 1 and assign the IRQ and I/O base for your CDrom accorging to your overall hardwares attached. Not necessary to specify the number of your CDrom as N:1 and I/O port address as 220.

Hope your queries can be solved. Pslh
jtbskyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Not quite comprehand your question.
What is the purpose to install the soundblaster Live software in Dos mode as you have installed Win98. Is it your Pc is partitioned into 2 parts. one for win98 and one for dos-mode.

The directory of your CD-rom look strange starting Device=\winbak\command  Is that winbak in your directory in win98 partition?   Where C:\windows\emm386.exe and =\windows\himem.sys are in the winodw 98 partition.

When you write the config.sys, you are in window98-Dos prompt?
Or you have rebooted the Pc and entered into the dos-command mode
at version 4.10.1998

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The SBlive program should do a good job of the main install and it would appear the driver for your cdrom doesn't like one of the emm386.exe options.

1.First try and get the latest driver for your cdrom.
2. Does the win98 boot floppy find your cd rom?
If so, replace the cdrom driver with win98's version if not try this.
3. Edit the config.sys to read this:
device = c:\windows\himem.sys
device = c:\windows\emm386.exe NOEMS
dos = high
LH DEVICE=\winbak\command\Toshiba.sys/D:=MSCD000/N:1/P:220


you need to delete in the config.sys EMM386.Exe and Hymem.sys they are always loaded when the system starts, there is no need to e in the Config.sys. you could see this, by rebooting and pressing F8 then Step By step, you will say yes to all, and you will find out that it loads it just FYI. then, the WINBACK folder is a backup folder probably made by the program. it must have not find it before in the WINDOWS FOLDER, to correct it.copy toshiba.sys to C:\windows\command and just change in the config the WINBACK to the WINDOWS and that's it. Unless you WINDOWS programs are located in WINBACK (normally is called WINDOWS)
good luck. that should do it.
To istal,
Why do you just jump in everywhere with answers and shut other people out. Nobody will know there are new questions until you answer is rejected, meaning valuable time is lost by the questioner. How about adding a few comments and let the person who left the question decide who was right.
You have done this on many questions and i just thought i'd inform you of the polite way to do things.

Here's a few facts to think about on this question.

To get sound in DOS the sblive does a few interesting things to actually software emulate IRQ's (the card is pnp irq11 but on a restart into dos it becomes address 220 dma 1 and irq7 for old dos games)therefore it needs the emm386 option which is NEVER loaded as default although himem.sys is.

The setup program for SBlive installs these options to config.sys and also a path add to autoexec.bat so if you try to go to default system files the soundcard will have problems using the DOS emulation mode.
jtbskyAuthor Commented:
If I don't load the cd-rom driver into the config.sys, my system won't load windows.  That is the only reason I put the driver in the config.sys file.  The config.sys file that sound blaster adds is this:  Device=c:\windows\himem.sys
If this is all that is in my config.sys file the system stalls trying to load Windows.  Netmage, are you saying to delete the soundblaster files in the config.sys and autoexec.bat files and leave them only in the config.dos and autoexec.dos files?

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With reference to the Windows startup process, Microsoft says this:

The Config.sys file loads drivers into memory. If the Config.sys file does not exist, the Io.sys file loads the following required drivers:

    - Ifshlp.sys
    - Himem.sys
    - Setver.exe

Quoted from:

Windows handles all memory, so I don't think there is a need to load a real mode memory manager such as EMM386.

If that's an IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM in your machine, Windows has the protected mode drivers built-in for it as well.  (No need to load real mode drivers except for applications requiring a Dos configuration.)
Dos configuration for the sound card should be set up for a Dos session to be used by whatever application needs it.
(Along with other needed drivers such as MSCDEX.EXE, etc.)
Let me know if you need more.
Do you have your CD-Rom Audio hooked up digital or analog  2 pin connector or 4 pin respectively.  When I installed my SB Live I couldn't boot my computer if I hooked Up my CD-Rom Digital.  I changed to Analog because I then installed a DVD-Rom and have them both input to the decoder board analog and then output to the SB Live.  But as soon as I connected my CD-Rom analog to the SB Live then it worked and I had no problems booting.

I'm not sure: You said your computer isn't booting into windows if you install the sound card driver and NOT the CD-ROM driver. What happens if you delete both drivers? Does it run?
If yes, then perhaps you should think about a dos menu. It would be shown before the win98 dos menu and you could choose from it to either boot in dos (with both drivers loaded) or boot in windows (with none driver loaded). In windows you really need none of the drivers, in dos (for games, I guess) you'll probably need both.
What do you think?

Regards, Madshi.
just to repeat what i have already said.
Its the Sblive that installs the emm386.exe option so it can load the DOS emulation with dosstart.bat at a later time.

RE: .Dos files
Your not going to get the cdrom working in a normal boot so unless you try my CD driver change suggestions, your not going to get a memory manager for dos.

What i have suggested 3rd is a way for the CDRom driver to co-exist with emm386.

As Rmarotta says:
The win CDdriver should be loaded from windows but i have seen CDroms from odd OEM's that still need config.sys drivers.

Its not a soundcard driver load until you restart from windows back to dos.

 In Autoexec.bat there is probably a PATH statement for the SBLIVE or Soundblaster or even Ensoniqe.
leave that intact.

The botton line here is: if you want sound in DOS then i would appreciate you try my suggestions.

                         If DOS sound is something you will never need, just delete the emm386.exe line in config.sys and remember that every time you update the drivers for the SBLive, it will update the Config.sys and create problems again.

Also, edit the c:\windows\dosstart.bat to remove a file probably named APINIT.COM.

Windows will happily run and so should your CDrom.

By now you should be coming to terms with that cards awesome 4 channel sound and with EAX,Need for speed 3 sounds like being at a Dolby Cinema.

Goodluck and do try my suggestions

now why didn't i just post an answer.

I've installed about 10 new age sbpci cards in the last month and know they are the the best replacement for sound on pc's.

I thought the experts were supposed to post comments and let the the person that asks the question decide who should be rewarded or we'd be all locking questions to the detrimant of the people that need help.
This is what i have been told by other experts and tend to agree.

jtbskyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the Explanation in detail
OK, live and learn
It appears i was outtaline because the answer was right.

To jtbsky
Could you post the actual emm386.exe command line that fixed your problem please.
I am actually interested to see what part of mem your cd was loading to.

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