entity relationship diagram----->Hierarchical---->network diagram

there are three ways to design a data base

1. using Entity relationship diagram
2.Hierarchical model diagram
3.network diagram

now most databases are made based on Relationship model

i need an
1.ER diagram of a  company
2.the same diagram to be made in hierarchical model and in network model .
this means that i need the ER diagram to be transformed into Hierarchical and to network

-  or if possible the rules to transform an Er to Hierarchical and from ER to network diagram

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i know a very good program to help you to analyse a database,using many analyst method as merise etc...
it's called EasyCase for workgroup (visible system corporation)
raslanAuthor Commented:
any infromation on the issue is welcomed too
just out of curiosity, why do you want a ER diagram to be converted to Hierarchical
and Network diagram.
Why not design them in that format if there's a need.?

raslanAuthor Commented:
This is an assignement

raslanAuthor Commented:
This is an assignement

plz help
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