Problem with MaskEdBox

When I'm working with Windows 98 and Windows NT 4, and i use MaskEdBox control, it's aligment goes to the Right, How can i resolve it?, nobody can answer this question, help me.
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majed100598Connect With a Mentor Commented:
!! i think that the proble with windows 98 only
- send me information about the windows version you use,visual basic vesrion you use.
- simply if you want to set the allignment to the left
use these line

at design time set the maskedbox properties like
format dd/mm/yyyy
mask ##/##/#####

at code for example at new data entrey

maskedbox1.mask=" "
maskedbox1.text=" "

set on gotfocus method of maskedbox


its will work fine
I can tell you how to solve this.
1. dont use a maskEdBox.
2. use format on onfocus
3. use selectcase or if then.. to allow nums/keys/whatever on keypress
Maskedboxes tend to be buggy.  By doing it my way..the extra code can
be put in a module and reused in all apps.
good luck
Try to use ltrim or rtrim command.
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expertosAuthor Commented:
I don't want to use a textbox, i want to resolve the problem with MaskEdBox, because i'm using it on all my aplicattions and it runs very well on windows 95. thank you
Hi !
Is it what you mean when at win95 its left align but on winnt its right align ??
you can't change the alignement with a maskeditbox, it's always a left alignement.
- try to compile your program on winnt with you programmed it under win95/98 (or on win95/98 if you programmed it under winnt).
- check your mask

it's all i can propose you.
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