high schooler needs help

I'm run a high school computer lab in Metamora, Illinois.  One of my students is trying to teach himself C++, but he's at an impasse and unless he gets help, he will fail his independent study class.  is there someone who can e-mail with him?  I know nothing about C++ (I into more general software aps) so I'm pretty useless!
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He can email me at tylern@hotmail.com.  I can probably help, but I can't give him all the answers.
He can ask questions on this site as well.  I have teaching experience and several students and help students here for little or no points.
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He can also E-Mail Me at zd13@pipex.co.za or g_dutoit@hotmail.com
I can help, just like Mithander  I don't Know everything.  I learned C++by my self as well, so I know how to go about learning it. :)
geoffrey your on EE too!  hows that music coming man? :)  I cant wait to hear it!!!  

have him email me at Booth866@aol.com  I know everything a beginner should know (more too of course), and have a firm grounding in object oriented design.  I deal with concepts so I could explaing things to him in a way that he could understand.  you know when I grow up I want to do some teaching so this would be a great opportunity for me to work with a student one on one.  dont worry I wont cheat for him!  I will just help him to understand.  I will make him my personal crusade!
Why don't you tell him to get an account here?
Same here, ask him to email me at:
He is always welcome here. You teach him one thing though; how to create an account with EE and find his family of C++ addicts.
Might also try www.codeguru.com for another Q and A on C++
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