Hyperlink in Outlook 97 Signature file

I am using Outlook 97 v. 8.02.4212 and use an autosignature file at the end of all my emails. This is by default an rtf file in the winnt directory (Windows NT4).

I want to include a hyperlink to a page on our intranet - this is not a problem - but I do not want in in the http://etc. format I want it as a 'click here' type of link. This is possible in rtf when editing in Word or Wordpad and works from there but as soon as I use it as the auto signature I get 'click here <http://etc.>' as the link when all I want to show is the text.

Sorry if this sounds confusing. Upgrading Outlook is not an option as this is my system at work.
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ComTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Time to close this abandoned question.

mtechAuthor Commented:
I did try this but before I reject it I will try it again in case I made an error last time.
mtechAuthor Commented:
I can't argue with your answer. Unfortunately our system is set up not to use word as default but as you are right you get the points.

who got the points mtech?

This question will be closed

Bruintjes reccomendation
-Refund points

mtechAuthor Commented:
ComTech & Bruintje

I remember asking this question about 3.5 years ago but am unsure why the points are at zero. Not sure who answered it as it seems some of the comments are missing. I am certain that this question was answered and points allocated at the time.

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