Resizing individual tabs on SSTab

I've got a SSTab control with 7 number of tabs.
Since text on each tab is long enough not to fit on a single
row, i've given "Tabs Per Row" option to be 4.
Due to this there are 4 tabs on one row and 3 tabs on other.
Thus space behind one tab remains empty.
I wish to resize individual tabs on one row such that, they
are aligned with tabs on the other row such that empty space on the row with 3 tabs is covered.
Can anyone help me out?

Thanx in advance.
Awaiting reply.
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kswinneyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you'll post your e-mail address I'll send you a tabstrip control that is very similar to the ssTabstrip control, but is written entirely in VB.

That way, you can change it to do whatever you like.

You'll have total control.

Let me know if you're interested.

The TabWidth -properity is missing on that control, this is bad feature.

I solve it by addin some space chr$(32) to that tab's the "caption" -properity.

If you need a complete scale system how long this fourt tab must be this may not be very acurate way.


RashminAuthor Commented:
Thanx Matti , but adding space to the Tabs caption did not increase that individual
tabs size. Pl. give some other solution.

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Use the tabstrip control is stead of sstab
and set the tabstyle to tabtabOpposite.

The sstab control is a very inreliable and ugly control, don't use it.
RashminAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mirkwood.
The problem is I already have proceeded too far and have a lot of controls placed
over the tab control and now i cannot transfer them to a Tabstrip control or simply
put i'll have to start from scratch for that.

If there is any other solution please tell me.


RashminAuthor Commented:
For all experts:

I will be out of station for 4 to 5 days from today onwards and would not be able to
make a reply to your answers until i'm back.

No, there is no solution for the sstab control. BTW: the sstab control is simular to tabstrip with the usage of frames.
RashminAuthor Commented:
Thanx kswinney.
You can mail me at this address
Pl. add a comment here when you do so.

Thanx a lot.


My tabstrip is available on the web now.  Here's the page:


RashminAuthor Commented:
Thanx kswinney for forwarding your control.
However in that control "kstabstrip" I was still unable
to resize the individual tabs so as to adjust odd no. of
tabs in the same space, without leaving a blank tab on
one row.

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