make .exe file of .gif animation

How do I make an .exe file from a .gif animation file.
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bigelosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmm - I've used Ulead Gif animator and never noticed that feature.  Thanks for the tip!

I would say that you can just leave this question with no activity for three weeks and you can get your points back, but since it is only 10 points (took a whole 2 days to accumulate that many), I'll go ahead and answer so that the question will disapear from the unanswered, and your answer will appear in the archives, just in case someone wants to search on it later.

If indeed you do want your points back, go ahead and reject this answer, and after three weeks (of inactivity) your points will be credited back.
Get a program like visual basic.  Break down the gif into each of its components.  Link with visual basic.  Create the exe.

Not very clean, not very efficient, not very cheap, but very easy.
slobstarAuthor Commented:
I'tried that, but I want to e-mail my .exe file, and with Visual Basic I need alot more then just the .exe file for it to work on a remote computer.  Thanks anyway!
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Yep, one of those things about Mickeysoft -- nothing is as easy as it seems.  You might be able to find some converter, but I don't think the demand is very high for that sort of thing.
slobstarAuthor Commented:
bigelos! give me any answer and the points are yours... you can use the Ulead GIF animator program to make an .exe
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