In my HTML page I want one line to blink but in that line I want first word to blink then second word to blink and then third blink.For eg. My LIne on html page is "Welcome to xyz"
In this I want first "welcome" to blink then "to" to blink and then "xyz" to blink.
Is this possible.
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bigelosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep, very possible.  The caveat is that you will have to either use some fancy JavaScript that won't work on some browers, or you can create some small animated GIFs with the text blinking being the animation.

The animated GIFs are very easy to create, as well as scrolling marquees, etc, etc using programs like gif animater.

I can post some examples if you would like, and I will post the URL for the gif animation programs, if you want.  I might be able to find some step by step instructions.
Can i point out that one of the most annoying things to come accross on the 'net is blinking text?

Blinking text is wonderful if used appropriately, and very annoying if used inappropriately.
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