3Dfx programs crashing after a while

Posted on 1998-12-10
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I have a 3Dfx Voodoo card installed (Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D), but all the 3Dfx programs crash after a while. I tried other OS (Win95, Win98, WinNT), other CPU (intel, Cyrix, AMD), other Graphix Card (now Matrox Mystique 220). I got the latest 3Dfx & DirectX Drivers, but the 3D crad won't work... ANY SUGGESTIONS???
Question by:machajdik
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Expert Comment

ID: 1130696
I gather all those above systems work perfectly without the 3dfx card?

You have tried all those operating systems without success?

You said you have tried 3 cpus..

Since you have access to a variety of hardware, have you tried it out on other peoples machines or atleast tried other motherboards or RAM.

When you mean crash, what error?
System lockup or program just comes up with error?
How did you get it to run on NT?

If you have tried all these combinations and it hasn't worked, i think you already know the answer to this question and was just hopeing there was a way to keep the card.

Goodluck with it

Expert Comment

ID: 1130697
Sounds very much like an overheating problem to me, a small fan blowing from the top of the card fixed it for me, I didn't put the fan on the actual 3dfx chips but it's a tower case and the fan kinda hangsso the center of the fan lines up with the card, providing airflow accross the top and bottom of the card. This is a voodoo 2 - 8MB by the way.

If you have the settings for the card at maximum try knocking it down a notch or two, this will run the chip alot cooler, and see what happens.



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ID: 1130698
tried an other mainboard too?
if so, i'd say the 3d card is busted....
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Author Comment

ID: 1130699
for netmage:

1) yes, it works perfectly without the f###ing 3d card.
2) yes i tried... no success.
3) yes. iP 100, Cx6x86 150+, AMD K6 300
4) i thought that's the point --- the mainboard. i have a TXpro chipset, which is nothing more than a new-labeled ALi Aladdin IV+. I run my PCI bus with 83 MHz (83 x 3.5 = 300 MHz CPU) and the ALi chipset should get that 83 MHz down to 33 MHz so it can run on PCI devices. A time ago i got a test report on the chipset which says that the ALi Aladdin IV+ chipset does not work and for that addresses the PCI bus with 83 MHz. This is, of course, not very good for a PCI device such as the 3D card. But strange: the other devices (matrox mystique 220, realtex ethernet adapter) survived it... so that could not be true. Plus: the 3D card works PERFECTLY on other computers (with other mainboards).
5/6) error? i would be glad to get some kind of error message, but the machine just stops working, and after 3 or 4 seconds also the sound stops... no crtl-alt-del or alt-tab or ctrl-esc or whatever disturbed the machine.
7) NT: i tried to find a DirectX for NT4, but that doesn't exist, i think... so I installed Glide drivers and a Glide game... it worked for a while, as usual...
8) so kiss your ass goodbye, 3D card.


Author Comment

ID: 1130700
for Hippy:

I don't think it's a problem of heat. I added a cooler fan, but that didn't work. I underclocked the chip --- no success.


Author Comment

ID: 1130701
for uilleann:

1) i tried on another machine (with another mainboard, too) and ... IT WORKED!!!
2) oh, no..... poor lil' 3Dfx......


Expert Comment

ID: 1130702
Obviously the 3dfx isn't busted since it works in another machine
Have you tried rotating the cards in different slots on the offending machine?
I have seen cases where a slot will not work properly, effectively disabling the whole machine.
Did you change the ram? (probably built a whole new machine looking at what you wrote)
Those are the only remaining things to think of. (or some obscure bios setting maybe)
What mainboard is in there?


Expert Comment

ID: 1130703
It appears you have worked out the problem.

Its nothing unusual to find that the motherboard is incompatible with somebodies hardware.

I have seen problems with quite a few socket 7 100 Mhz motherboards. Its really hard picking through the myriad of manufactures out there to find a board with the least problems.

There is one other thing to try.

Set your motherboard to the safest or slowest values in the Cmos advanced settings.

Or make your choice between the M/board or the 3dfx card.


Expert Comment

ID: 1130704
3Dfx cards are known to do this as you know, so I will just ask you if you have the speed rating of your RAM, as some cards have 50ns, but this ranges down to 35ns. If you have the slower RAM, are you using the "set fx_glide_fastmem=1" or set fx_glide_pcird=1" variables? If so, don't use them. If these are set on your computer they may not be set on other computers.

Accepted Solution

WesT earned 50 total points
ID: 1130705
Your card is overheating.. see if you can get a fan on it, or at least a heat sink on the 3dfx chip.. I have had the problem on a Diamond Monster II and I put a box fan in there, no more problem.. let me know if this works!

Author Comment

ID: 1130706
To everyone:
I got a new tower case and ATX power supply, a new HDD, I tried out Linux (great OS!) and did some other things --- I had not much time for ya. I'll try the thing with the fan once more. I'll try another PCI slot.
I'll evaluate WesT's answer.

cya, manu


Author Comment

ID: 1130707

I have EDORAM (???ns) on the 3D chip and SDRAM (10ns) on my M/Board.


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