Microsoft Excel / Mac OS 8.5.1 problem


I use Microsoft Office 98 and Microsoft Excel on my Powerbook 1400 (116MHz
603e chip with 44 MB RAM)

Excel always worked perfectly under system 8.1

This week, I upgraded to OS 8.5 and then to 8.5.1 using the updater from the  Apple site.

Since then I haven't been able to use Excel properly - every time I try to make an equation in a cell (eg. "= A1+B1+C1")  the program freezes and I have to do a force quit to get back to the Finder.

I have updated my copy of MS Office 98 using the OS 8.5 updater from the Microsoft site, but the problem persists.

The problem vanishes with extensions turned off, so it seems to be an extensions conflict - any idea which one  it could be ?


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Osiris010898Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I had a similar problem with Excel after upgrading to OS 8.5 from 8.1 and then also when I upgraded to 8.5 to 8.5.1. Seems like the OS upgrades trashed my Excel/MS-OLE extensions. My solution was to uninstall Office 98, reinstall Office 98, update Office 98, and boost RAM allocation for Excel. Excel was working fine until I upgraded my OS then Excel would freeze. I had to reinstall Office98 after each OS upgrade... and also giving Excel more RAM helped alot. This might work for you... I don't know. Even just giving more RAM to Excel might solve your problem(if there's enough to spare), since you say it runs fine with minimal extensions on. I allocated 16mb to Excel, but I have 128mb of RAM and my OS alone uses 32+mb, if you cant allocate more to Excel, you might have to buy more RAM (or use RAM Doubler). Check how much RAM your system uses with your normal set of extensions on, and how much is allocated to Excel, you should have a few mbs of RAM to work with, otherwise Excel calculations might use up all your resources and choke. As with all MS Software, the more RAM given the better they perform.
Try giving more RAM to Excel first, if that doesn't work, re-install Office98.
Move your preference folder from the systemfolder to the desktop
Restart your mac
Open Excel. This will create new preferences
Try the formula again.

You may also have to remove the extensions for office 98 before you restart. After you open excel the appropriate extensions will be put in the system folder.
jandpAuthor Commented:
Nope, tried these already without success.

I am currently running on a base set of OS 8.5.1 extensions (including the normal MS exts) and Excel seems to be working normally again.

So it seems to be an extensions problem - the question is : which one is causing the problem?


jandpAuthor Commented:
An excellent answer, Osiris!  A good range of options for me to try to see if I can get my Excel going again, despite extension conflicts!

Many thanks again!  Well done

I don't know what Extensions/apps you are running, but you might want to make sure you have all the 8.5+ updates to these extensions/control panels and applications. Check, they have a source listing of all recent/past 8.5 updates to software/extensions/controlpanels.
Some extensions that have caused me trouble with 8.5 & Office98: Suitcase 3.0.2 (font managing utility-no known updates yet to this extension), ATM and or Type Reunion-ocassionally would cause headaches for me with Office98 especially Word98.
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