Could you compare for me the difference between:

Microsoft Outlook
Novell Netware
IBM Domino/Notes

and tell me the server requirements and the type of clients supported.

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Mark AertsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your question is very strange because these programs don't relate with eachother!

I think I can give you an answer:

Microsoft Outlook
-> Outlook is client software, a mail reader/agenda/adressbook to install on your client, f.e. to read internet mail, Outlook is a Microsoft product
Lotus Notes
-> Lotus notes is also a client product!  only this is made by lotus and looks different then outlook but you can use it for the same purposes as outlook

Novell Netware
-> This is a Network Operation System (NOS), just like Windows NT, only NT is Microsoft, Netware is novell, looks different but you can do "the same " with both NOS's

IBM Domino/Notes
-> Domino server can be used as e-mail server and information server, this product is from Lotus, Microsoft also has such a thing, Microsoft Exchange Server

So f.e. your network looks like this:
An NT server with Exchange on server level, outlook on the clients, now your clients can mail eachother and share information and printers on your network!

It is impossible to tell you everything about these programs, but now you know what the products can do!

Mark Aerts


Mark gave you a fair answer to your question. Are you going to accept his answer?

Mark AertsCommented:
I think Mclenden is in a very deep sleep ...
Yeah, christmas bills must have hit right after posting the question.
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