Browser contention between PDC and BDC

The event error keeps popping up on my BDC, giving the message:
"The master browser has received announcement from the computer SBSP (my PDC) that believe that it is the master browser for the domain on transport NwlnkNb (Network Link NetBios).  The master browser is stopping or an election is being forced".

As a result of this, my users takes a long time to browse their network neighbourhood, probably because the browser keeps holding election, taking up resources.

How do I solve this problem?

I tried changing the registry of both the PDC and BDC such
that the PDC IsDomainMaster= True
and the BDC IsDomainMaster=False.

But still the error keeps popping up.
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Setting up a LMhosts system.

1. install tcp/ip as default protocol

2. All computers must have a STATIC ip address

A non internet routable ip is prefered ie: and going up from there.

3. Install DNS on the server(PDC) and configure all computers to to search this server in thier tcp/ip settings.
You can install on both servers for backup purposes and configure secondary DNS. This won't affect anything because both LMHosts files will reflect static information.

4. Get a list of computer names and thier associated ip addresses. This should probably be done while setting up thier tcp/ip.

5. load a text editor and enter the details of the computer netbios name and thier ip addresses and if any alias's
ie:        Server        wstation1
Save this as LMHOSTS on the server.

Configure DNS to load this file.
Workstations Using your DNS server can import this file in the tcp/ip settings.

Any changes to you system will require a manual update to the lmhosts file.
LMhosts is a prefered option in a network where there other than "Windows" machines.

Regarding Netbeui.
One of the few options for netbeui is to change this update rate.
Unfortunately i'm not with a NT machine right now and i'm just trying to bump my memory. I'm unsure if it was an option with WINS or just on the Netbeui protocol. I've never bothered to change it as 50 seconds was adequate.


I think ther is just a PC who's at this moment the master browser. When you shut down your PDC and the BDC(s)one of the workstations NT or 95 or WfW 3.11 wille be the mster browser. When the PDC and BDC(s) come up, the workstation will still be the mster browser. Worst case: one of your 486 with WfW 3.11 is the master browser. It tokes a long time to recieve the list. The Resource Kit for Windows NT has a tool (I think the name is dependy browser, or monitor..) where you can check out wich is your current master browser.

jap_eAuthor Commented:
Yup, your answer's what i've read under technet too, but the thing is, all my NT workstations are connected to the domain and none of them is configured as the workgroup (WFW).  
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Do you have windows 95 workstations on your network?  Also this is normal for there to be a browser for each and every protocol on the servers.

Have a look at this site below and see if it helps you any, you have to register first before you access this site and fill out a small form answering a few questions. Here you find everything about Nt browsers and how to configure them.
jap_eAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your link. Unfortunately that's exactly what i have done in
the first place (ie. setting the registry values of IsDomainMaster and MaintainServerList).  

As i've said, it didn't work for me.  There is no hint of what went wrong.

Again, to explain, I have no workgroups on my network.  They are all
Windows NT workstations connected to my domain.

Any more suggestions?

By default and by microsoft design.
The master browser list is held in order of priority as 1.Server 2.NT worstation 3. win9? 4. win311 with an announcement from a higher controller the list is promoted.

Note: there is no difference between servers.

To get arround this you need to install and configure wins for server priority on both pdc and bdc.
WINS is like DNS, except it is designed for NetBIOS name resolution. Wins is not just for ip name resolution.
if you are just using netbeui it works well because both controllers are aware of the clients in the master browser list and swap information to thier wins database.

If this does persist as a temp measure install tcp/ip as default protocol and create a LMHOST file for your pc's. This will keep your users happy until we workout why things aren't behaving correctly.

Just one more point by default i think the master browser scans the network every 50 secs. This can be lowered.


Possible values:
No - the computer will not be a browser
Yes -  the computer will be a master or backup browser
Auto - will be a master, backup or potential

Also try to disable all your 95's from being browsers:
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks -> Properties
jap_eAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but your answer is merely a repetition of the first comments of this section.
I think the best suggestion is from "netmage" concerning the LMHOST file solution.

Would Mr Netmage care to elaborate the steps to his proposal using LMHOST?
And how do you lower the scan rate of the master browser? I'll accept your answer!

Thank you!
jap_eAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone, esp NetMage. I'll try that now...
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