Can someone give me some code to load a JPEG from a resource file and display it in vb (and of course how to store it in there).  Can't save it as a bitmap and loading it as a custom resource doesn't seem to work either.
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MirkwoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This sample shows you how to show a file from the resource

Take a look at

This are the source for playing an AVI file using API's from within a resource
You might just want to convert the BMP files to JPG first.  Try this program at this site: 
It works great at converting graphics to different formats.  Let me know how it works, or if I have not helped you.  --Vingamel
AikemaAuthor Commented:
The size after the conversion would be WAAYYYYYYYYY too big.  Basically I want to keep the file size small otherwise I would have used bmps from the start
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AikemaAuthor Commented:
what I'm thinking of is storing it in a resource file as a custom resource.. pull the data out of there and display it.
object.picture = loadpicture(source)

when you are ready to save this picture and any changes use

savepicture object.picture,filename 'will use the same format you started with

savepicture object.image,filename 'will convert to bmp

AikemaAuthor Commented:
...from a resource file
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