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The problem is,..I'm running Win98 and it does'nt recognise my HP 5100 scanner,...I've tried changing the parralel port config,...It just won't find it at all,
Please help
1 Solution
Make sure the driver software has been loaded.
Check that there are no "Other devices" in the device manager that indicate the scanner has already been found but not installed correctly.
You should not have a problem. Otherwise, the unit maybe faulty.
BrummeeAuthor Commented:
Tried installing the software,..And driver's,..But it won't even find the hardware,...Tried ADD NEW HARDWARE  Won't find that either,..tried putting the Twain's in Windows,..Tried everything,
It's as if the Scanner does'nt exist,
Plugged it into a system with Win95 and It's recognised straight away!,
Take a look at our 5100c  support page at:


It has details on troubleshooting this problem.

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Are you sure it's plugged into an EPP port? (Not 'Bi-directional' )

When you moved it to the other system,did you use the same cable? Is it IEEE 1284?
Are you connecting with a "pass thru" or is it the only device on the port in each case?
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
To Brummee, R yr scanner a SCSI device, if yes,can u detect the scsi device no. of yr scanner. For win98, since Fat32 is used, the twain driver should be 32bit compatible, have you upgraded to the 32bit version. please check your scanner driver should be in the directory c:\win98(window's name)\twain_32\scanner.sys
looking forward to hear yr confirmation.  Pslh
You might try going into save mode and delete all double entry's in your device manager there if there are any !!
Also delete your parralel port even if it is is the only one...
Reboot and let windows sort it out again...
It might work..

Have you tried it on an other win 98 machine and do you know if you have a faulty port ?
Does it work with like.. say a printer ??
Make sure the scanner isn't locked.
Make sure the scanner works by pressing the green button in
front of it.
If this works check the cables (the LPT cable should be bidirectional) and make sure the LPT port is ECP or EPP and without conflicts. If this all doesn't work reinstall the drivers.
If the green button doesn't work the scanner is locked or defect.
Okidoki joost for posting an answer that is totally incorrect..
1 This particular HP scanner is definetly not locked becuase if it is you can't put in you powersupply
2 The scanner is not recognised at all by windows so pressing the green button won't help him diddly.

You might wanna start reading comments first... If this is the way you alway's do trouble shooting i would rather not be one of your custumors. :)
Comments will if they are correct and solve the problem be awarded with the points though and this leaves the question open for other experts to revieuw rather than close it with a faulty answer. But he you might have the correct answer who knows ;)
I don't have an answer for you, but interestingly I have the same problem with a HP5C SCSI version (Same family).  I can quite happily install under w95 but spent lots of hours trying to install on several w98 machines before giving up.

If the proposed answer doesn't solve your problem, simply reject it and the thread will continue.
We need some response from you.
to be able to use with win98, yu need to call HP to get new driver. 805.257.5578
I can say i had the same problem with my HP 5P the older scanner of your type.
Under 95 nothing at all.... Win 98 installs fine...spend 7 hours to figure it out.. I got it working by doing the following.
From your install disk select all *.vxd driver files and put it in your windows\system directory from then on reboot (don't know if i did that or not but to make, sure do it anyway's) and do another device detection.
First make sure the port is still working see my comment before.
Did i say the same ????
That should be the opposite of your problem....
me jerky....
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